Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Research Productivity of Government Medical College Jammu: A Bibliometric Analysis

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Research Productivity of Government Medical College Jammu: A Bibliometric Analysis

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The significance of research in any discipline of study can never be underestimated. Scientists, academics and researchers have been engaged in research in their fields of study for years in the wake of quest for exploring countless elements in the vast universe. Council of Canadian Academies (2010) reveals that research plays a key role in shaping the world. Through research, we gain a better understanding of today's most pressing and complex social and scientific issues such as cultural diversity, human rights, disease prevention, and climate change. The main aim of research is discovering and development of methods and systems for advancement of human knowledge (Okafor & Dike, 2010). The research findings not only help the people, to speak in broader and wider sense, it helps students to remain abreast with the latest happenings in their field of study. However, doing a research and coming to a certain conclusion doesn't mean the end of the research, but the quest to make more and more explorations. People often find themselves eager to see the advances in medical science and its practices. This is believed, to be possible only through the availability of different primary sources of information which play a major role for communicating the latest research findings. It has been found that these sources include papers on almost all issues pertaining to human health and safety. It can range from minor disorders to bigger ones, with the sole objective of saving human and animal lives, in mind. Science and Engineering Indicators (as cited in Webster, 2005) finds that over the years, research in the field of science, to speak specifically, has assumed a lot of importance and prominence. Biomedical sciences have become one of the most heavily-researched areas of science. Nearly half of all papers listed in the Science Citation Index (SCI) between 1989 and 2000 came from within this field, compared to a 1999 figure of 15 per cent from physics and 13 per cent from chemistry. In total, over 3,500,000 biomedical articles, notes and reviews were published worldwide over this period. In the UK, 55 per cent of all science publications are biomedical.

It is often presumed that in absence of quality research institutions in developing countries coupled with paucity of infrastructure and manpower, research activities in biomedical sector are yet to receive the fillip the extent they deserve. However, the activities are understood to be picking up more and more as the countries understand the pressing need of the same. This need is felt in India as well, where, of late, academics, researchers, doctors and even students in smaller institutions in different states have begun to undertake research on various aspects of medical science. Despite hit by the turbulence over few decades medical research in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is also making progress with research being promoted at various medical colleges and institutions across the state. Many research articles are finding their place in well reputed journals globally. Is it really so? The present study therefore is undertaken on one of the premier institutions of Jammu and Kashmir State- Government Medical College Jammu (GMC), with the aim of analyzing the growth, contribution and impact of research carried out by the faculty members, researchers or students of aforementioned institution.


The objectives of the study are

1. To assess the research contribution of various departments.

2. To study the authorship pattern and the levels of collaboration.

3. To determine interdisciplinary research trends.

4. To know the types of the documents consulted.

5. To analyze the overall citation pattern.


The study has harvested data from SciVerse- Scopus. As stated in the official website, SciVerse Scopus is one of the largest abstract and citation databases of peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources worldwide with more than 20,500 titles from more than 5,000 international publishers. …

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