Academic journal article The Science Teacher

Reading Science Stories

Academic journal article The Science Teacher

Reading Science Stories

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Reading Science Stories

By Joy Hakim. $9.99.

149 pp. 2015. ISBN: 9780996272209.


Misunderstood. Ostracized. Passionate. Determined. These are just some of the traits of the scientists portrayed in Joy Hakim's e-book, Reading Science Stories: Narrative Tales of Scientific Adventurers. Most of the 22 chapters are adapted from Hakim's previous works, which eloquently intersect science and history.

These captivating stories about the accomplishments and struggles of significant scientists convey their real-life triumphs and tribulations, with each scientist given a separate chapter chronologically from Pythagoras (the Greek mathematician born in the sixth century B.C.) to Donald Johanson, the paleoanthropologist who discovered the bones of "Lucy" in 1974.

Most of the scientists selected by Hakim are from early Greek and Egyptian civilizations, the Renaissance, and the 1700s. These include familiar names such as Galileo, Newton, Fahrenheit, and Einstein but also more obscure scientists such as Faraday, Bernoulli, and the lone female, du Chatelet, an 18th-century French mathematician and physicist.

Although some might find the paucity of female scientists a problem, only two chapters focus on science in the 20th century, when female scientists were entering the male-dominated field.

The final chapter provides an overview of the interdependence of science and mathematics by highlighting again some of the previously discussed scientists and their work. …

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