Academic journal article Science and Children

Deadly Snakes

Academic journal article Science and Children

Deadly Snakes

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Deadly Snakes

By Tracey Turner.

$27.10. 24 pp.

Black Rabbit

Books. Mankato,

MN. 2015. ISBN: 9781625881557.


Most students don't know, understand, or care much about snakes, especially deadly snakes. But deadly snakes can be quite interesting if the fears and prejudices are set aside.

This 24-page book features 20 of the deadliest snakes in the world. Arranged in alphabetical order from the beaked sea snake of the western Pacific and Indian Oceans to the tiger snake of Southern Australia, each species is allotted a full page. The pages feature color photographs of the snakes, many displaying remarkably beautiful scale patterns, and some showing mouths with forked tongues and exposed fangs. The pictures are complemented by interesting descriptions of the snakes, their lifestyles, behavior, and their aggressiveness. The book also focuses on the potency and effects of their venom, and the chances for survival of humans who are bitten.

On each page is a yellow sidebar with five lines of statistics about the snake. One statistic classifies the danger of the snake on a scale of 1-20, from the notorious black mamba to the green anaconda, the only non-fang and non-venomous snake in the book. …

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