Academic journal article Science and Children

Race to the Moon

Academic journal article Science and Children

Race to the Moon

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Race to the Moon

By Steve Parker.

$31.35. 32 pp.

Black Rabbit

Books. Mankato,

MN. 2015. ISBN:



Did you know that our Apollo spacecraft has been the only type of human-carrying craft to travel to the Moon?

The Russian Luna I missed the Moon but became the first spacecraft to orbit around the Sun. It took over 400,000 people involved in bringing the 11-year Apollo program to fruition. The lunar module's ladder was so light that it would crumple if used in Earth's gravity. The Soviet's huge rocket to the Moon used 30 rockets in its first stage. The Soviets tried four times and they failed each time, but we only found out about this in the 1980s. Our Saturn V rocket was designed to be 99% reliable--and it was.

I learned how little I know about space, and I thought I knew quite a bit. The Story of Space is a six-book series and is ideal for those early learners who have a great interest in space and especially for those who need a spark to read nonfiction.

The focus of Race to the Moon is on our dream of landing a man on the Moon and making those dreams happen. …

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