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A Mountain Food Chain

Academic journal article Science Scope

A Mountain Food Chain

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A Mountain Food Chain

By A.D. Tarbox.

$29.95. 80 pp.

The Creative Company.

Mankato, MN. 2015. ISBN: 9781608185405.


The author invites readers to explore a food chain in a mountain biome. With concise narratives, striking photographs, side panels, and callouts, geography and science are skillfully united.

In the introduction, there are definitions of the organisms linked together in a food chain and an explanation of the role that each plays in the transfer of energy. There's also an emphasis on the fact that this is only one of the numerous food chains found in food webs in this biome. The author notes that mountains are on every continent and are indeed unique because they do not represent a single biome since different biomes can be located on or at the base of a single mountainside. You'll also learn about the physical features of a mountain biome, including temperature, oxygen levels, moisture, and elevation.

The food chain described in the book is in the Rocky Mountains and begins with the producer of the chain, a ponderosa pine. …

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