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Journey through Eclipses

Academic journal article Science Scope

Journey through Eclipses

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Journey Through Eclipses

By Carolyn L. Hill. $74.95 each, $1,049.30 for set of 14. 29 pp.

Rosen Publishing

Group. New York, NY. 2015.


The electronic book Journey Through Eclipses is a presentation concerning a phenomenon that has baffled and frightened earlier peoples. Although today we know what causes the Sun to appear to be eaten by the Moon's shadow, in ancient times it was a fearful thing to see the Sun disappear.

Various images and discussions help present the known facts about eclipses today, including how we get to totality and why this makes it easier to study the Sun's corona. The book provides interesting facts about eclipses: We will not always have total solar eclipses because our moon is drifting farther away. In a billion years or so, the Moon will not be close enough to cast a large enough shadow to block out the Sun. Even though there are about 150 moons in the solar system, our Moon is the only one that can cause a total solar eclipse.

These factoids and others make this book an entertaining read and one that students would find interesting because of the various facts being presented. The set of "Journey" space science books from the Rosen Company contains 14 different titles. …

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