Academic journal article Journal of Ecumenical Studies

Sources for the Study of Catholic-Jewish Relations

Academic journal article Journal of Ecumenical Studies

Sources for the Study of Catholic-Jewish Relations

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I. Periodicals

Journal of Ecumenical Studies (Temple University [http://dialogueinstitute. org/journal-of-ecumenical-studies/]; University of Pennsylvania Press [])

Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations ( scjr)

II. Helpful Websites (Center for Christian-Jewish Learning) (Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations) (Center for the Study of Christianity at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) (Jewish-Christian Relations; International Council of Christians and Jews) (Woolf Institute, Cambridge, U.K.) (Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies, Seton Hall University, So. Orange, NJ)

III. Select Bibliography

A. Antisemitism

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B. Ethics/Moral Theology

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Fisher, Eugene, and Daniel Polish, eds. …

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