Academic journal article Current Musicology

From Errata 5uite

Academic journal article Current Musicology

From Errata 5uite

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   We talk about and try to think through these notions--like    sounds in music--and we forget what really happens. We    forget that we must always return to zero in order to pass    from one word to the next. 

John Cage, For the Birds

Errata 5uite. errant phrase denoting a suc cession of 5 line errata slips of tongue composed of letter notes written on 5 line musical staves (invisible) together form ing a silent suite (Fr. a following) read for for fore tu (large bird) errorious to be in motion o tu cara scienzia mia musica varied as were mixup agitatur not known the man could not swim and Now apostrophe s restored to pronounce the ritual formula punch in code for teeth (love 's savage splendor) read land and math for lang and myth 's urgent isosceles smile

read note on figs (body / rouge / mind / noire) for what reply does one make oil dependence as a form of music for Gesamptkunstwerk read Gesamtkunstwerk poetic verb for word this troubled devotion e which I had not (67-73) been singing whole moving fast almost motionless simplicity of for (seen) faces whose coordinates are

read Luck upon time past Th'extravagant 'n erring T'Errortorio O (La cantatrice chevre) the words once chief fig now obs quasi-trans cog object to variant Germanic*res ras rushing medias race/mess Words'words streaming firth in fifths ers-a-to wander in causal debt errabund erroarious (produces sneezing) rerum, tears to zero

readafresh another Roman tic o postromodern time 'n life a fresh 'n new new fresh 'n ergo blubber to this add read moist reeds should read musics AURORA5 & EROTEMA's hethinks it wasn't German (Russian Serb Khmer. …

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