Academic journal article Management International Review

Leveraging Values in Global Organizations: Premises, Paradoxes and Progress

Academic journal article Management International Review

Leveraging Values in Global Organizations: Premises, Paradoxes and Progress

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Abstract In this focused issue on the theme of "Leveraging Values in Global Organizations", we highlight several prevalent themes on national, organizational and individual values in the literature. We argue that many premises in the literature have been accepted as fact; yet there are still many avenues open to exploration. We present several paradoxes that are often overlooked or lead to inconsistencies in the literature on values. The five articles in this focused issue address these premises and paradoxes, presenting new challenges and opportunities, providing progress and paving the way for future research on leveraging values in global organizations. The selected articles explore values with respect to international alliances and subsidiaries of multinational organizations at the organizational level, among global managers at the group level, and among employees and inpatriates at the individual level of analysis. We trust that readers of this issue will agree that the articles provide novel insights into key issues in the established, yet dynamic, field of research on values in the context of global organizations.

Keywords Global organizations * Values * Organizational values * National culture * Paradoxes

1 Introduction

The topic of values, so crucial in organizational life and central to corporate culture, leadership and performance (Jonsen et al. 2015; O'Reilly and Chatman 1996; Schein 2004), and so relevant and complex in the context of multinational organizations, is rebounding as a scholarly and organizational focus of attention (Bourne and Jenkins 2013; Giorgi et al. 2015). The aim of this focused issue is to bring together contributions on values in global organizations. We sought to include novel forward-looking research offering fresh insights at various levels of analysis, and with different methodological approaches that offer new or critical perspectives into values in global organizations. Our call for papers for this focused issue welcomed works from various strands of international management research, including, but not limited to, cross-cultural management and international human resource management, where our specific interest was in the myriad of ways in which global firms can leverage values to attain organizational, group and individual benefits and rewards. As part of the process the guest editorial team also met with the authors in Sigtuna, Sweden, for a two-day prepublication workshop, where we engaged in intensive exchange of ideas and insightful feedback, which together with further rounds of reviews helped develop the papers.

We are immensely pleased with the outcome of this process and we feel that the collection of articles that we have assembled for this focused issue reflects a diversity of perspectives and the complexity not only of managing, but also of leveraging values. Together, we invite our readers on a journey toward disentangling the concept, meaning and multilayered nature of values. As editors of this issue, we would like to offer our own perspective on leveraging values in global organizations, its premises and paradoxes, before introducing the five contributions to the field.

We first outline the premises and present the paradoxes we have encountered in the extant literature on values in global organizations to set the stage for the scholarly contributions in this issue. We present these contributions in respect to the context of global values and levels of analysis. The first two articles, both qualitative studies, address values at the organizational level, followed by one conceptual article at the group level and two quantitative articles about values at the individual level of analysis. We conclude with our reflections and acknowledge the individuals who have contributed their time and expertise with the goal of adding to our understanding about leveraging values in global organizations.

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