Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History

Southern History in Periodicals, 2015: A Selected Bibliography

Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History

Southern History in Periodicals, 2015: A Selected Bibliography

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THIS CLASSIFIED BIBLIOGRAPHY INCLUDES MOST SCHOLARLY ARTICLES in the field of southern history published in periodicals in 2015 except for descriptive or genealogical writings of primary interest to a restricted group of readers. If an article was published in a year other than 2015, the appropriate year is marked with a bracketed notation. Entries under each heading are arranged alphabetically by author.


Abramson, Samuel. Disorder at the Derby: Race, Reputation, and Louisville's 1967 Open Housing Crisis. Ohio Valley Hist., v. 15, Summer, 28-48. Adams, Luther. My Old Kentucky Home: Black History in the Bluegrass State. Reg. Ky. Hist. Soc., v. 113, Spring-Summer, 385-419.

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Busch, Andrew M. Crossing Over: Sustainability, New Urbanism, and Gentrification in Austin, Texas. …

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