Academic journal article Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal

Forty-Sixth Selected Bibliography on Computers, Technology and the Law: January 2014 through December 2014

Academic journal article Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal

Forty-Sixth Selected Bibliography on Computers, Technology and the Law: January 2014 through December 2014

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10.2 Audio/Video Recording

Michael Mihajlo, Note, Last Call at the Oasis: Modifying the Noninteractive Webcast Royalty System to Support Sustainability, 31 ENT. & SPORTS LAW 3 (Summer 2014).

Drew B. Hollander, "Why Can't we be Friends? ": How Congress can Work With the Private Sector to Solve the "Digital Sampling Conundrum, " 18 Va. J.L. & TECH. 229 (Winter 2013-14).

Saul M. Kassin, Jeff Kukucka, Victoria Z. Lawson & John DeCarlo, Does Video Recording Alter the Behavior of Police During Interrogation? A Mock Crime-And-Investigation Study, 38 LAW & HUM. Behav. 73 (2014).

Amy Rosen, The Big Lawsuits Keep On Coming An Analysis Of Extortive Pornographic "Trolling Lawsuits " And Preventative Approaches, 31 ENT. & SPORTS Law 1 (March 2014).

10.3 Space Law

Matthew Feinman, Article, Mining the Final Frontier: Keeping Earth's Asteroid Mining Ventures from Becoming the Next Gold Rush, 14 PITT. J. TECH. L. & POL'Y 202 (Spring 2014).

Scott Shackelford, Governing the Final Frontier: A Polycentric Approach to Managing Space Weaponization and Debris, 51 AM. BUS. L.J. 429 (Summer 2014).

Keisuke Shimizu, Procurement System of the Japanese Space Agency: A Comparative Assessment, 44 PUB. CONT. L.J. 31 (Fall 2014).

Justin Silver, Houston We Have a (Liability) Problem, I 12 Mich L. Rev. 833 (2014).

10.4 Medical Technology

10.4.0 General

G. J. Annas & S. Elias, 23andMe and the FDA, 370 NEW ENG. J. Med. 985 (Mar. 13, 2014).

Bayard Brown, Farewell to Arms (and Legs): The Legal Treatment of Artificial Limbs, 47 COLUM. J.L. & SOC. PROBS. 69 (2013-2014).

Nathaniel R. Carroll, Comment, Mobile Medical App Regulation: Preventing a Pandemic of "Mobilechondriacs, 7 St. LOUIS U. J. HEALTH L. & POL'Y 415 (2014).

R. Alta Charo, Physicians and the (Woman's) Body Politic, 370 NEW eng. J. Med. 193 (Jan. 2014).

Jocelyn Cooper, Note, Dissecting the Heart of Organ Allocation Policy: Evaluating the Eastern District of Pennsylvania's Grant of Life in Murnaghan v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 59 VlLL. L. REV. 269 (2014).

Nathan Cortez, The Mobile Health Revolution?, 41 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 1173 (2014).

Laura K. Donohue, Biodefense and Constitutional Constraints, 4 NAT'L SEC & ARMED CONFLICT L. REV 82 (2014).

Jenna Furman, Book Note, 30 SYRACUSE J. SCI. & TECH. 160 (Spring 2014) (reviewing SARAH RICHMOND et al., I Know What You're Thinking: Brain Imaging and Mental Privacy (2012)).

Daniel B. Kramer, M.D., Yongtian T. Tan, Chiaki Sato, Ph.D., L.L.M. & Aaron S. Kesselheim, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., Ensuring Medical Device Effectiveness and Safety: A Cross--National Comparison of Approaches to Regulation, 69 FOOD & DRUG L.J. 1 (2014).

Steve Kreitner, Telehealth services networks: A promise not fully delivered, 39 MONTANA LAWYER 24 (2014).

Kyle Lennox, Substantially Unequivalent: Reforming FDA Regulation of Medical Devices, 2014 U. ILL. L. Rev. 1363 (2014)'.

Julian J.Z. Polaris, Note, Principles over Principals? How Innovation Affects the Agency Relationship in Medical and Legal Practice, 14 YALE J. HEALTH POL'Y L. & ETHICS 296 (Summer 2014).

Vincent J. Roth, The mHealth Conundrum: Smartphones & Mobile Medical Apps-How Much FDA Medical Device Regulation is Required?, 15 N.C. J.L. & TECH. 359 (Mar. 2014).

Joanna Shepherd, Selective Contracting in Prescription Drugs: The Benefits of Pharmacy Networks, 15 MINN. J. L. SCI. & Tech. 1027 (2014).

Mark Strasser, The New Frontier? IVF's Challenges for State Courts and Legislatures, 17 SMU SCI. & TECH. L. Rev. 125 (Summer 2014).

Sonia M. Suter, Did You Give the Government Your Baby's DNA? Rethinking Consent in Newborn Screening, 15 MINN. J. L. SCI. & TECH. 729 (2014).

Benjamin Sweeney, Note, The Cobblestones of Good Intentions: Substantive Due Process and Infant Genital Normalizing Surgery, 13 SEATTLE J. …

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