Academic journal article Journal of Environmental Health

JEH Quiz

Academic journal article Journal of Environmental Health

JEH Quiz

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Impacts of Industrial Wind Turbine Noise on Sleep Quality: Results From a Field Study of Rural Residents in Ontario, Canada

Quiz deadline: October 1,2016

1. Environmental noise has been associated with__in previous studies.

a. cognitive performance

b. annoyance

c. cardiovascular disease

d. sleep disturbance

e. all the above

2. Industrial wind turbines (ITWs) have been associated with annoyance and decreased health-related quality of life.

a. True. b. False

3. In this study, a random sample of__residents in the exposed community and__residents in the unexposed community were selected for door-to-door recruitment.

a. 12; 10

b. 15; 12

c. 29; 25

d. 50; 56

4. The final participation rate for the study was

a. 33%.

b. 43%.

c. 48%.

d. 50%.

5. Reasons for exclusion in the study included

a. use of sleep medication. b. location of the bedroom in the basement of the house.

c. diagnosis of a preexisting sleep disorder.

d. a and c.

e. all the above.

6. __were used to provide more detailed information on perceptions of the quality of sleep and the causes of awakenings.

a. Actigraphy devices

b. Video cameras

c. Sleep diaries

d. Family interviews

7. The__group reported a greater frequency of poor sleep nights. …

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