Academic journal article Education

The Impact of Teacher Training on Creative Writing and Problem-Solving Using Futuristic Scenarios for Creative Problem Solving and Creative Problem Solving Programs

Academic journal article Education

The Impact of Teacher Training on Creative Writing and Problem-Solving Using Futuristic Scenarios for Creative Problem Solving and Creative Problem Solving Programs

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Teaching, which is considered a creative process, is expected to have creative teachers, but the most common educational systems oblige the teachers to follow specific regulations and rules and if they did not, they would be punished. The teacher's creative ability and his ability to implement the curricula creatively are ignored and this exactly represents one of the views about educational reform called Scripted Approach which forces the teacher to teach according to specific steps and regulations that do not allow the teacher to practice his creativity. But the followers of the Creative Approach assure the importance of creative teaching where the teacher is expected to be expert and independent in his class and capable to produce and generate knowledge and deduce it from his students (Sawyer, 2012).

In the current era, creativity is considered one of the sensitive and important issues in light of the economic, social and political great development and to be able to enhance the teachers' creativity, the idea and the concept of creativity in the teachers' minds should be checked in addition to their relation to the educational strategies that can be used inside the classroom (Chan and Yuen, 2014).

The researches that addressed the creativity used to focus mainly on the teaching strategies used inside the class and the creative methods of teaching but recently much attention has been paid to other characteristics as the individual's creative characteristics (Hansaker, 2005)

The creative teacher is the person who encourages adventure,, enhances creative activities, has positive and warm relations with his students and he has the ability to increases their motivation in addition to his depth and sufficient experience and a good qualification in his specialization. He has also the ability to help his students in self organization and his ability to bear work pressures. Moreover, he can identify the problems and solves them (Morais & Azevedo, 2011).

Some suggested that the teachers who take into account creativity inside their classes and have creativity, they show behavioral characteristics and specific strategies inside the classroom as independency, opening, flexibility, and adventure (Cheung and leung, 2014). Hansen & Feldhasen (1994) point that the creative teacher is the one who tends to enhance and encourage his students' creative thinking.

The characteristics of the creative teacher are similar to a high extent the characteristics of the creative student. The creative teacher is the one who is expert, prefers abstract concepts, more flexible and analyses logically (Mills, 2003). Additionally, his intelligence is expected to be more than the average, highly educated, and he has the ability to bear mystery (Rubin, 1982). And he has human attitudes more than noncreative ones and his questions are attractive .Additionally, he is more capable to attract the creative answers, and he can understand his students' ways of thinking (Rosemarin, 2014).

The creative teacher a set of characteristics that interact with each other as (Morais & Azevedo, 2011)

* He owns general characteristics of the talented as high degree of intelligence, has sense of humor, hard worker

* He is experienced in the field of his specialization and has depth knowledge.

* He is mature enough and self-confident.

* Organized and tidy

* He takes into account the individual differences.

* He has positive attitudes and values and he enhances them

But Rosemarin (2014) points that it is not enough for the teacher to have creative characteristics to be creative teacher as it is necessary to see the reflection of creativity in the teacher's classroom's behavior which enhances and develops his students' excellence, in other words, although the teacher has the characteristics of creativity or excellence, but they are not enough unless he was able to inspire his students. …

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