Academic journal article Military Review

Themes and Suggested Topics for Future Editions

Academic journal article Military Review

Themes and Suggested Topics for Future Editions

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Tides of History: How they Shape the Security Environment

November-December 2016

* Mao's three stages of revolutionary warfare and the rise of Islamic State and Boko Haram; winning by outgoverning

* Collisions of culture: The struggle for cultural hegemony in stability operations.

Can a nation survive without a common national narrative?

* Armies as a cultural leveler: How are armies key to developing a national narrative and identity?

* Open borders: Is North America evolving toward European Union-style governance?

What are the implications for the U.S. military if North America becomes a borderless continent?

* Case studies: histories of illegal immigration and how such have shaped national development in various countries

* Does the military have a role in saving democracy from itself? Compare and contrast the military's role in the life of the Weimar Republic and Mohamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood rule of Egypt

* How can the Department of Defense better leverage international military education and training to support U.S. Army activities in geographical regions?

"Sacred Cows": What Should Go Away But Won't

January-February 2017

* Army institutions, processes, customs, or doctrine that are anachronistic and impede needed change and progress

* How social change is having an impact on the Army

* Relevance of the Uniform Code of Military Justice: What is the state of military justice and military policing, including corrections? What crimes do soldiers commit, not just against detainees but also against other soldiers, their families, civilians, or unified action partners? …

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