Academic journal article Education

Whatsapp for Educational Purposes for Female Students at College of Education-King Saud University

Academic journal article Education

Whatsapp for Educational Purposes for Female Students at College of Education-King Saud University

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Introduction and Background

Information and telecommunication revolution in addition to huge knowledge and technological progress have provided a great opportunity for human development. Information and skills based on technological awareness and its applications become basic of modern economy as the global economy has changed to knowledge-based economy which relies on information technology, telecommunication and biological technology. (Al Sayed, 2004).

Nowadays, humans witness the era of information revolution. Computers and information networks become one of the important tools in nations' lives. The international challenge is to subscribe in the biggest international information networks to obtain the maximum benefit from the massive potentials provided by them. All have to keep up to date with the phase of development (Al Ashmawy, 2011).

This massive development in knowledge systems, information, telecommunication technology, globalization and open world policies required new methods to provide educational systems to prepare and guide individuals to the perfect usage of knowledge from its sources and apply it in the field of study and personal life. Modern education requires the variety in knowledge sources. These sources are necessary since the education process must focus on the intellectual development and ability to choose, evaluate and restructure knowledge into a new applicable knowledge styles such as using logic, scientific methods, problem solving method to enable the learner to renew and innovate by developing his intellectual skills. (Al Sayed, 2004).

One aspect of the information revolution is social media websites which play an important role in education of the new generation and acquiring them correct habits and behaviors. They consider one of the important tools of the social change. Social and educational institutions focused on setting up students' programs and activities to ensure keeping youth busy with beneficial matters to develop their personalities. The educational process is not only about providing the students with new knowledge as it is a useful process to build the student's personality, it attempts to achieve the comprehensive balance in all the personality's aspects (Hosni, 2013).

As a reality; all smart phones have a Whatsapp application that significantly made changes into people's life, especially in the Arab World. It made a revolution against the communication companies by securing the huge losses especially through the message of platforms. As Whatsapp is used on the platforms of iPhone, Android or Windows Phone or even on some Nokia cell phones operating with Symbian. Whatsapp is an instant Free messaging application with a multiple platforms that compatible with all smart phones operating systems. It allows the users to instantly messaging by messages, photos, videos, voice and multimedia in addition to the main messages of the users with any other user of the application existed in the list of his mobile names without limit provided that to have contact with internet or 3G network. (Al Zamel, 2015).


This research is an attempt to identify the uses, contributions and roles of Whatsapp in the educational process among the Saudi female students at King Saud University.

Importance of Study

The current study is important since it will educate the female students to perform scientific studies in order to recognize the effect extent of the usage of Whatsapp in the academic achievement. Moreover, it may encourage the female students and lectures to use Whatsapp in all the functions of the educational process. In addition, it might help in activating the role of libraries in the development of scientific research through Whatsapp.

The importance of this research is derived also from the recommendations of some studies such as the study of (AlBloushy, 2015) which emphasized enhancing the positives of Whatsapp and spreading awareness of its importance to be used by the responsible persons of the university as well as using it for educational purposes. …

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