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Market Design

Academic journal article NBER Reporter

Market Design

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The NBER's Working Group on Market Design met in Cambridge on October 28-29. Codirectors Michael Ostrovsky of Stanford University and Parag A. Pathak of MIT organized the meeting. These researchers' papers were presented and discussed:

* Darrell Duffie, Stanford University and NBER, and Haoxiang Zhu, MIT and NBER, "Size Discovery" (NBER Working Paper No. 21696)

* Ahmad Peivandi, Georgia State University, "Participation and Unbiased Pricing in CDS Settlement Mechanisms"

* Laura Doval, Yale University, "A Theory of Stability in Dynamic Matching Markets"

* Hugo Hopenhayn, University of California, Los Angeles, and NBER, and Maryam Saeedi, Carnegie Mellon University, "Bidding Dynamics in Auctions" (NBER Working Paper No. 22716)

* Oleg Baranov, University of Colorado Boulder; Christina Aperjis, Power Auctions LLC; Lawrence Ausubel, University of Maryland; and Thayer Morrill, North Carolina State University, "Efficient Procurement Auctions with Increasing Returns"

* Tibor Heumann, Princeton University, "Ascending Auction with Multidimensional Signals"

* John Hatfield, University of Texas at Austin, and Scott Duke Kominers, Harvard University, "Hidden Substitutes"

* Paul Milgrom, Stanford University, "Deferred Acceptance Auctions without Substitutes"

* Gabriel Carroll and Ilya Segal, Stanford University, "Robustly Optimal Auctions with Unknown Resale Opportunities"

* Songzi Du, Simon Fraser University, "Robust Mechanisms under Common Valuation"

* Shengwu Li, Stanford University, "Obviously Strategy-Proof Mechanisms"

* Marek Pycia, University of California, Los Angeles, and Peter Troyan, University of Virginia, "Obvious Dominance and Random Priority"

* Benjamin Roth, MIT, and Ran Shorrer, Pennsylvania State University, "Making It Safe to Use Centralized Markets: Epsilon-Dominant Individual Rationality and Applications to Market Design"

* Michal Feldman, Tel Aviv University; Nicole Immorlica, Brendan Lucier, and Vasilis Syrgkanis, Microsoft Research; and Tim Roughgarden, Stanford University, "Efficiency Guarantees in Large Markets"

* David Delacretaz, University of Melbourne; Scott Duke Kominers; and Alexander Teytelboym, University of Oxford, "Refugee Resettlement"

* Tommy Andersson, Lund University, and Lars Ehlers, Universite de Montreal, "Assigning Refugees to Landlords in Sweden: Stable Maximum Matchings"

Summaries of these papers are at: http://www. …

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