Academic journal article American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Board of Directors Meeting, Nov. 12-13, 2015, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Academic journal article American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Board of Directors Meeting, Nov. 12-13, 2015, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Article excerpt

Roll Call

President Cynthia J. Boyle welcomed the Board and staff members present at the Toronto Convention Center at 1:30 p.m. onNovember 12, 2015. The following Board members participated in the discussion: Robert B. Blouin (Council of Deans), J. Chris Bradberry (Treasurer), Patricia A. Chase (Immediate Past President), Craig D. Cox (Council of Sections), Edward M. DeSimone (Council of Sections), Joseph T. DiPiro (President-elect), Natalie D. Eddington (Council of Deans), Schwanda K. Flowers (Council of Sections), Anandi V. Law (Council of Faculties), Lucinda L. Maine (Executive Vice President), Evan T. Robinson (Speaker of the House), Steven A. Scott (Council of Faculties), and Todd D. Sorensen (Council of Faculties).

AACP staff included: Jennifer L. Adams, Lynette R. Bradley-Baker, Melinda D. Colon, Stephanie Saunders Fouch, Barbra A. Gustis, William G. Lang, Joan M. Lakoski, Colleen M. Miglio, Ruth E. Nemire, Cecilia M. Plaza, and Sibu Ramamurthy.

Guests included Matt Duvall and Deborah Crowne, both with UHY LLP, by phone on November 13.

There were no additions to the agenda.

Conflict of Interest Statement

President Boyle read the conflict of interest statement and asked board members to identify any potential issues. Council of Deans Chair Blouin briefed the board on a Center for Innovation at the Eschelman School of Pharmacy and indicated that he would recuse himself from any agenda items with the potential for conflicts. President Boyle requested that the Argus Commission include a review of the Conflict of Interest policy in their scope of work this year.

Approval of Minutes of July 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

On MOTION (Chase, Scott) the Board approved the minutes of the July 2015 meeting.

Approval of the Fiscal 2015 Audit

Matt Duval and Deborah Crowne with UHY LLP reviewed the procedures and presented findings from the FY 2015 audit. Theirs was a clean and unmodified opinion of financial management for the previous fiscal year. On MOTION (Bradberry, Blouin) the Board approved the audit report for FY 2015.

Financial Update

Treasurer Bradberry and Sibu Ramamurthy, Senior Director for Finance, lead the discussion of association finance issues as of the end of the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2016. Barbra A. Gustis, Senior Director of Meetings and Business Partnerships, presented an analysis of the fiscal implications of implementing a reduced annual meeting registration rate for Emeritus members of the Association. On MOTION (Bradberry, Robinson) the Board approved the offering of a 50% discount on the Early Bird annual meeting registration for Emeritus members of the Association.

Sibu Ramamurthy provided an analysis of trends and issues from the first quarter of the current fiscal year that might affect the yearend results. Despite record attendance, revenues for the July 2015 meeting were lower than budget by approximately $250,000. This was offset by expense reductions of $100,000. The early trend on PharmCAS revenues shows continuing decreases in applicants and applications which will be watched very closely through the December application deadline. More students are applying for early decisions which affects the average number of applications per applicant early in the cycle.

Ramamurthy reviewed several capital investment projects in the information technology area, including the likely need to implement a new association management system (membership database). The current database vendor was selected over ten years ago and was recently acquired by a vendor with a different system. The AACP web site was last updated more than five years ago and it is anticipated that a major enhancement will be initiated in FY 2017.

The status and finances of Professions Quest, the wholly owned subsidiary producing Mimycx, were reviewed. A national sales manager was brought on board in October 2015 and weekly faculty development webinars are now being hosted by PQ staff. …

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