Academic journal article American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Board of Directors Meeting, Feb. 19, 2016, Tampa Bay Marriott, Tampa, Florida

Academic journal article American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Board of Directors Meeting, Feb. 19, 2016, Tampa Bay Marriott, Tampa, Florida

Article excerpt

Roll Call

President Cynthia J. Boyle welcomed the Board and staff members present at the Tampa Bay Marriott at 9 a.m. on February 19, 2016. The following Board members participated in the discussion: J. Chris Bradberry by phone (Treasurer), Patricia A. Chase (Immediate Past President), Craig D. Cox (Council of Sections), Edward M. DeSimone (Council of Sections), Joseph T. DiPiro (President-elect), Natalie D. Eddington (Council of Deans), Schwanda K. Flowers (Council of Sections), Anandi V. Law (Council of Faculties), Lucinda L. Maine (Executive Vice President), Evan T. Robinson (Speaker of the House), Steven A. Scott (Council of Faculties), and Todd D. Sorensen (Council of Faculties).

AACP staff included: Jennifer L. Adams, Lynette R. Bradley-Baker, Melinda D. Colon, Stephanie Saunders Fouch, Barbra A. Gustis, William G. Lang, Joan M. Lakoski, Colleen M. Miglio, Janet A. Mudd, Ruth E. Nemire, Cecilia M. Plaza, and Sibu Ramamurthy. AJPE Editor Gayle Brazeau attended as a guest.

Conflict of Interest

President Boyle read the Conflict of Interest statement and Immediate Past President Chase noted a conflict on the selection of the Chalmers Award. Schwanda Flowers noted a conflict with the selection of the Student Community Engaged Service Awards. EVP Maine noted a conflict with the Paul R. Dawson Award. All recused themselves from voting on these selections. Speaker Robinson and Craig Cox, Immediate Past Chair of the Council of Sections, reminded the Board members of their associate editor roles for another education journal and noted that they would recuse themselves from any matters related to the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.

Approval of the November 2015 Minutes

On MOTION (Chase/Allen) the Board approved the minutes of the November 11-12,2015 Board of Directors meeting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Report of the 2015-16 AACP Strategic Planning Committee

President-elect Joseph T. DiPiro, chair of the 201516 AACP Strategic Planning Committee, provided an overview of the initial work of the committee. This included the release of a request for proposals to a group of consultants, proposal review and selection of Denise McNerney, Principal of iBosswell, as the lead consultant for development of a new strategic plan. The Committee held a meeting at AACP headquarters on January 5-6, 2016 where results from surveys of members of the current Board of Directors, AACP staff, and delegates to the 2016 House of Delegates were reviewed and the highest priorities from these results were affirmed as topline priorities for the plan. A dyad consisting of a member of the committee and a senior AACP staff member have accepted responsibility for assimilating input on goals, objectives and key performance metrics (KPM) for each priority. The Board emphasized the importance of writing a concise preamble to provide context for the plan and priorities and for using this as an opportunity to engage members, preceptors, students and other stakeholders.

President-elect DiPiro will present an update on the strategic planning process, including a discussion of the topline priorities, at the Interim Meeting townhall session on February 21st. The expanded plan, including draft goals, additional tactics/objectives, and some proposed KPMs, will be prepared for the March AACP Leadership Forum where Joe and Denise McNerney will lead participants in activities to elaborate further on plans for the next 3 to 5 years. The draft plan will be released to delegates and opened for general comment in early May. A dedicated email box will be established to provide a central location for anyone wishing to provide input on the plan and priorities for action (

Strategic Issues from the Councils

Todd Sorenson, Chair of the Council of Faculties, presented a report to the Board from the task force on Accelerating Change in Pharmacy Education and Practice on behalf of the COF and Council of Deans. …

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