Academic journal article Journal of Environmental Health

JEH Quiz

Academic journal article Journal of Environmental Health

JEH Quiz

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Occupational Health Survey of Cosmetologists in Minnesota

Quiz deadline: August 1, 2017

1. Nearly __ workers in the U.S. are employed as cosmetologists, manicurists, or estheticians.

a. a quarter million

b. half a million

c. one million

d. two million

2. The survey link was e-mailed to __ licensed cosmetologists, manicurists, and estheticians in Minnesota.

a. 14,335

b. 16,791

c. 18,692

d. 19,853

3. The survey was offered in different languages.

a. True.

b. False.

4. Of the 2,058 people who started the survey, __ were women.

a. 89%

b. 92%

c. 97%

d. 99%

5. Of the survey participants, __ believe that products used in the workplace do not pose a risk to their health.

a. 11%

b. 23%

c. 33%

d. 44%

6. Of the survey participants who felt their health was at risk, less than __ categorized that risk as high.

a. 5%

b. 10%

c. 15%

d. 20%

7. When asked about workplace safety training, __

of survey participants indicated that they have been trained on disinfection or sanitizing processes. …

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