Academic journal article European Research Studies

Formation of the System of Business Processes at Machine Building Enterprises

Academic journal article European Research Studies

Formation of the System of Business Processes at Machine Building Enterprises

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In Russia, works on problematics of business processes management are at the stage of development and are performed mainly in the sphere of organizational design, engineering, and production automatization. Most of theoretical research and applied developments are traditionally realized within narrow technical approach to solving the problems of organization of management of complex production & technical complexes. An obvious drawback of such works is weak adaptability of methods and means of modeling of integrated high-tech processes to conditions of national production. Up to this time, there has been no unified theory of systemic organization of production through construction of landscape of business processes with the use of process management. There is still necessity for scientific development of theoretical and practical approaches to management of business processes of machine building enterprises on the basis of formation of integrated system of business processes [3].

Study of the complex of business processes of enterprises, as institutional forms of portfolio of operational possibilities of production, is conducted in the works of the following foreign authors: B. Andersen, E. Deming, R. Kaplan, G. Martin, M. Hammer, and Russian scientists and practitioners: R. R. Zagidullin, V. G. Eliferov, Z.M. Magrupov, V. V. Repin. Approaches to design of the system of business processes at industrial enterprises are studies in works of R. Kaplan, E. G. Oykhman, M. Robson, F. Ullah, etc.

At that, existing results of scientific research in the sphere of methodology of formation of the system of business processes and the issues related to determination of the system of business processes in the moment of transition of enterprise from functional-oriented management to process management, which is popular in national production. Tasks of creation of well-balanced complex of business processes of enterprises during manufacture of high-tech product are not solved, which determined the choice of the topic.

The purpose of the research is to systematize theoretical provisions and develop methodological and practical recommendations as to formation of totality of business processes at national machine building enterprises.

The article suggests the following: 1) to develop algorithms for determination of business processes of large industrial enterprises which issue a big range of technologically complex products within structural & functional and process-oriented model of management, and which are at the stage of transition from linear & functional management to process management; 2) to develop methodology of formation of landscape of business processes of modern industrial enterprise which ensures unified terms, sufficient quantity of resources, and balance of business processes during manufacture of high-tech product.

Analysis of research results

A lot of treatments of the category "business process" predetermine differences in content and solution of these processes. At the same time, analysis of a range of works of researchers allows concluding that, on the whole, determining the business processes and their structuring into totality is possible from two positions [Garina, 2013]:

--determination of business processes on the basis of structural & functional system of enterprise;

--determination of business processes on the basis of process-oriented model of enterprises management.

The stated models of enterprise management can be equally used at domestic enterprises. Each of them has a certain set of pros and cons which directly influence the content and structuring of business processes in economic landscape of enterprise. In particular, functional model continues to stay in demand in Russia, against the background of "habit" of domestic consumer as to "mass product". On the other hand, increase of requirements to quality of products and necessity for reduction of production cost require implementation of process-oriented management, which leads to manufacturer being obliged to change decisions as to business processes--in particular, as to working process of performance. …

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