Academic journal article European Research Studies

Development of Energy Management Systems of Russian Companies in the Context of World Tendencies of Improving Energy Efficiency

Academic journal article European Research Studies

Development of Energy Management Systems of Russian Companies in the Context of World Tendencies of Improving Energy Efficiency

Article excerpt

1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction to the Problem

Acknowledged by the world communion concept of sustainable development as a priority area for the next ten years, proved its relevance on the World Summit Rio+20. On that summit meeting for the first time the problems of sustainable energy were widely discussed. The problems of increasing energy efficiency in different economic sectors are becoming more acute for many countries, and the United Nations declared 2014-2024 years as the decade of sustainable economy for everyone. Current energy challenges are international and they require concentrated efforts of all countries.

Development of energy management systems meeting the requirements of international standards enables the companies to adopt and implement the principles of sustainable energy. There are many obstacles in this area which restrict and decrease activity of introduction of these systems in Russian enterprises. This requires special research identifying the ways of overcoming the obstacles during development of energy management systems and their further sustainable development.

1.2 Importance of the Problem

Studying current world tendencies in improving energy efficiency allows identify prior areas of development of the Russian economy in this sphere. Expansion of energy management systems in Russian companies is possible only on the basis of strong evidence of their feasibility and functioning. This requires comparative analysis of certified status of the company and energy efficiency using the example of the leading world countries. A separate study of the reasons of decreasing energy efficiency in the Russian economy is also needed as well as identification of Russian company's capacities to meet the requirements of international standards and ability to achieve effect from introducing energy management systems.

1.3 Relevant Scholarship

Research of international approaches to energy management, development of international and national standardization and increase of economic energy efficiency has a wide scientific reach. Researches in this area were conducted by Bashmakovi (2012), Buchin (2011), Dolmatov (2014), Zverev (2011), Lokteva (2010), Golovanova (2010), Ratner (2012), Dira (2012), and Sedash (2013). Russian companies today face many organizational and technological problems when making a decision about introducing energy management systems. Available scientific publications presenting practical steps and accumulated experience in developing and implementing these systems in certain enterprises provide a solution to these problems. Among the authors publishing their works in this area are Aleksandrova (2014), Kondrasheva (2014), Stepochkin (2014), Gorokhova (2014), Alutin (2011), Karavaikov (2011), Lakhov (2014), Lemesheva (2011), and Reishakhrit (2011).

The works of the authors Bobylev (2010), Averchenkov (2010), Solovieva (2010), Kiijushin (2010), Bragina (2011), Makhova (2011), Korobova (2011), Omeltchenko (2012), Savin (2014), Zanosienko (2014), and Tufetulov (2011) are devoted to the problem of development of specific instruments of implementation the concept of energy management on organizational and regional levels.

However, scientists have been emphasizing, primarily, experience of certain countries in increasing energy efficiency and systematizing obtained results. The issues of introducing energy management systems in particular Russian companies regarding their industry specifics are studied very well. With this being said, such important aspects as interdependence of energy management systems certification level and growth of economic energy efficiency of the country regarding its gross domestic product are not studied well enough. The same situation is with compliance of traditional systems of energy management systems in Russian companies to international demands. These aspects require a thorough research and further development in fundamental and applied researches. …

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