Academic journal article European Research Studies

Rural Urban Linkages, Fair Trade and Poverty in Rural Urban Fringe

Academic journal article European Research Studies

Rural Urban Linkages, Fair Trade and Poverty in Rural Urban Fringe

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1. Introduction

Rural urban linkages in the present increasingly intertwined. This is due to mutual needs of rural-urban, expansion of rural-urban road network, increasing the means of transport, and supported the advancement of rural communities. Urban rural linkages visible manifestation of the intensity of the movement of people, money and goods (MUB) from rural to urban areas or vice versa. Movement of people in the form of activity the way to work, family visits, visits to social activities, recreation, as well as for shopping trips. The movement of goods in the form of transfer of agricultural products, industrial products and other goods. While the movement of money, among others, in the form of investments from residents of the town to the village, and the results of this investment will flow back into the city. MUB movement is reciprocated.

Rural urban linkages birth of a new development for the village and for the city. This is caused by the difference in the potential of the rural and urban areas, and the common interest. Interactions also occur only the village to the city but also in the village itself between regions within the village (Bintarto, 1989). There are differences between the shape and intensity of linkages with the urban rural interaction in the village. The form of rural urban linkages among others, is the movement of goods from the countryside to the city or vice versa as the transfer of agricultural products, industrial products and mining products, the movement of ideas and information, especially from cities to villages, the movement of people in the form of recreation, urbanization, population mobility both in nature circulation or commutation. While the existence of interactions inside the village, actually not too much different from the rural urban linkages, only in a smaller scale. But the impact caused by rural urban linkages will remain the same with the interaction in the village. The following Figure 1 illustration rural urban linkages.

Figure 1 illustrates that the village and the town has a role that is equally important, especially in the flow of people, money and goods, the regional economic development. If the role of villages and cities can work well, the corresponding relationships (economic) between urban and rural areas can be achieved. The importance of rural urban linkage is in the network area to create sustainable economic growth.

Movement MUB encourage the activity flow of information, ideas, knowledge and technology from urban to rural, and its effects will open the remoteness of the village that has been happening. MUB movement, also will increase the chance to make the village community, accelerate rural economic development, so as to reduce the rural-urban urbanization and the subsequent impact is to reduce the number and level of poverty. Reduction of rural-urban urbanization and the number of poor people will be faster successful when rural-urban relations, particularly economic relations, based on fair trade (Marike De Pena, 2015) that trading is transparent, open, and do not marginalize the lives of the villagers. MUB movement and building trades 'fair' will be more quickly realized when focused on a village Rural Urban Fringe (RUF). It is based on that RUF is located between the city and the village, where residents have agricultural and non agricultural jobs. Stretching the economy in rural RUF with transparent trading will lead to opportunities sought in agricultural and non agricultural sector more open wide, and is expected to reduce poverty in the RUF and other villages around the zone RUF. There are two issues that will be examined: (a) analyze the relationship between rural urban linkages and poverty, and (b) to analyze the development of fair trade in the RUF areas.

2. Study of Literature

Rural Urban Linkages

Rural urban linkages is defined as the relationship of social structure, economy, culture, and politics among individuals and groups that exist in the environment and rural areas (Lesetedi in Ndabeni, 2013). …

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