Academic journal article Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

The Process of Normalization of Russian-Georgian Relations: The Limits and Spheres of Interaction between States

Academic journal article Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

The Process of Normalization of Russian-Georgian Relations: The Limits and Spheres of Interaction between States

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Consideration of process of normalization of relations between Russia and Georgia is a pressing problem of social-political processes proceeding in Caucasian region. Actuality of this theme is confirmed by necessity of provision of security, stability and solution of a whole complex of problems emerged in relations of two states after collapse of the Soviet Union. For present day can be noted positive tendencies in development of relations of two countries that became possible after a range of mutual compromises, mostly in spheres of security and development of trade between Russia and Georgia. In spite of this, there exist principal lines of divergence between states, connected with integration of Georgia into Euro-Atlantic structures and solution of territorial issues.

Research of limitations and spheres of interaction of two states of Caucasian region promotes not only detection of specificity and contradictions in relations of Russia and Georgia, but also suggestion of different variants of solution of existing problems. This will help to reduce risks and threats in provision of states security, regulate conflicts and make relations of two countries more pragmatic. In scientific literature are almost none works having a complex nature and suggesting analysis of different fields of interaction of two countries, and some of them are suffering of descriptiveness. The theme touched upon has actual nature, and recommendations suggested in article can be used by bodies of state authority, social and political organizations in acceptance of management decision.


Relations between Russia and Georgia in post-Soviet period were developing in a rather complicated manner. Formation of independent Georgian state was accompanies by crises in social-economic, political, legal spheres, complicated by emerged inter-ethnic conflicts and occurrence of de facto independent republics (Gordadze T., 2015, p. 30). Russian Federation provided a possible political and economic help, supporting territorial integrity of the country. Russia was interested in formation of stable state at south borders of its country and development of universal relations with Georgian state. However, starting from the second half of 1990's proceed a gradual re-orientation of vector of external policy of Georgia from Russian to Euro-Atlantic, promoting occurrence of different contradictions and conflicts in political sphere (Lynch D., 1999, p. 132). Russia considers the South-Caucasian republic the sphere of its privileged interests and doesn't desire its integration into EU and NATO. In result of formed situation the relations between Georgia and Russia had transformed from allied to antagonistic, the direct consequence of which became the armed conflict in South Ossetia in 2008. At present day, a positive tendency of development is maintained by social-cultural, economic relations, gathers potential the development on the level of civil and expert communities, and the most complicated are still political relations (Bolshakov A.G., Mansurov T.Z., 2013, p. 43).

Starting from the beginning of 1990's, policy of Russia in region of South Caucasus, and also peculiarities of Russian-Georgian relations were an object of researches of many foreign scientists. Studying of these issues included such scientists as S. Cornell, F. Cohen, D. Lynch, B. Nachkebia, T. Pkhaladze, P. Rich, F. Starr, I. Haindrava, T. Sharashenidze et al. Noted above aspects and also perspectives of development of political, economic and socially-cultural relations in Russia and Georgia were researches in works of domestic scientists: A.G. Bolshakov V.V. Degoev, S.M. Markedonov, A.V. Ryabov, N.Yu. Silayev, A.A. Sushentsov, A.A. Yazkova et al.

As methodology of research in article are used historical, system and institutional methods. Historical method allowed to trace different aspects of dynamic of Russian-Georgian relations and factors that stipulate them. …

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