Academic journal article Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

The Actual Status of the Municipal Educational Environment

Academic journal article Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

The Actual Status of the Municipal Educational Environment

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The purpose of this article was to open the main characteristics of the municipal educational environment as object of social designing.

The educational environment is understood as some complete complex of conditions, external in relation to personality, providing its social formation according to public expectations as well as the opportunities for its development containing in social and spatial--a subject environment, structured on the basis of the operating education institute, but not reduced to specially organized pedagogical content. In addition to specially organized, the purposeful training and educational impact, the educational environment causes social development of youth. It is possible to agree with K. Mankheym claiming that education creates not the person in general, but the person in this society and for this society (Mankheym K., 1994, p.479).

Everything, as for training, fully meets the institutional requirements: there is a curriculum divided for several years and determining what knowledge level the trainee shall show after each grade; the corresponding rates of subject teachers are determined; the management training system process acts on the basis of the approved indicators control, etc. It is possible to analyze efficiency of curricula and programs, to argue on teachers load and their low earnings, inadequacy of education criteria (read - training) as all this is also empirically fixed. If from these to analyze an education processes condition, then it is difficult to keep from a conclusion that education in our society as specially organized activities possesses a considerably smaller role.

At the same time, the imbalance between opinion that educational institutions shall be engaged in educational work and the real situation is the reason of serious dysfunctions. The Ministries of Education and Science, regional and municipal authorities of education, educational institutions are under fixed pressure from various state bodies concerning the inadequate organization of educational work.

Considering a condition of educational activity in general, we can note the serious weakening (adjoining on absence) of backbone function of the actual educational activity in development and formation of personal qualities of younger generation. Also dysfunctional value has contradiction between the existing ideas of educational activity need and its representation in educational process.


As data processing methods, as well as theoretical methods, traditional for sociological research, mainly statistical (quantitative and qualitative) methods are used.


Owing to human resources management objectivity problems, inability of the entities to undertake the solution of a number of problems, the problems connecting (sometimes--identifying) human resources development with a condition of the educational environment (K.Barham, L.Handy, S.Panter, A.Winhavd (Handy L., Barham K., Panter S.,1989), etc.) appears the most attractive.

"Rapid transition of Russian society to new forms of economic activity has led to an increase in the need of active, adventurous, competent and responsible professionals. In the training of such specialists not only professional education plays an important role, but also secondary school as a social institution, lays the groundwork for future career choices and further professional education" (Sedov, S.A., 2015, p.71). The similar result is unattainable without specially organized educational activities based on clear split of functions, supported with material resources and the corresponding standard rates. Need of such activities organization also determines functions of the institutional sphere of the educational environment (Valiyev, I.N., 2015, p.133).

Impact of the educational environment on social formation of the personality is triple by nature and is performed, respectively, in three directions. …

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