Academic journal article Academy of Marketing Studies Journal

Marketing as the City Economic Security Improvement Tool

Academic journal article Academy of Marketing Studies Journal

Marketing as the City Economic Security Improvement Tool

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Now relevance of the city economic safety research where economic activity of the population in modern conditions is generally realized increases. The the city economic safety is recently in many respects determined by efficiency of developing innovative processes, clusters and new points of growth, both in occupational sectors, and in service trade. On the other hand it is important to provide information support of these processes and to effectively attract the capital (investors) and other economic resources necessary for innovative development of the territory to the city. In external environment the concept The city marketing is popular now--it is engaged in promoting interests of the city. Combination of innovative policy of the city and its marketing strategy is a first-priority and relevant task.

Many issues connected with forming the city marketing concept are already lit in literature. There is a successful experience of developing short-term and medium-term programs of social and economic development of the cities. General recommendations about forming of city innovative infrastructure are also known. The considerable section of researches is devoted to forming and developing territorial and production clusters in case of the cities and municipalities. Within these directions also problems of the balanced development of an urban environment are solved: providing conditions of rest for the population, its cultural, educational and intellectual development, construction of housing and other city infrastructure, promoting trade, financial and entertaining institutions, work of public authorities.

However, it is required to research a possibility of combining these theories. It is necessary to formulate practical recommendations for this purpose at the level of an urban environment. Research opens possibilities of application for the concept of marketing in strategy of increasing the city economic safety in the conditions of innovative economy and cluster development requirements.


According to the dialectic method of knowledge all phenomena and events shall be considered in their development and interrelation. We understand The city marketing as a complex of the city community actions directed to identification and promotion of the interests for accomplishing specific social and economic development objectives of the city. In a broad sense this is interests promotion of the city.

For the first time the city marketing began to be mentioned in the American and British publications on town planning and municipal economic development in the 1970th. Specialists have for the first time paid attention to it as to one of the possible, potentially effective instruments of city development.

There are some monographs in which marketing of the territory became central theme. The first of them have appeared at the very end of the 1980th. The book by J. Bailey in which he describes marketing efforts of the cities (Bailey, 1990, p.164) is most interesting. J. Ashworth and H. Voogd's book in which they have used in sales terminology in relation to the city (Ashworth & Voogd, 1990, p.278) is also interesting. The world famous marketing specialist F.Kotler also conducted researches in the field of the city marketing (Kotler et al., 2002, p.232). C. Ward (Ward, 2004, p.197) generalized practice of the American and European cities marketing promotion in his works.

The most famous Russian city marketing specialist is Vizgalov D.V. who in the book "The city marketing" has developed classification of the Russian cities depending on specifics and format of the applied social and economic development strategy (Vizgalov, 2008, p.110).

The method of the factorial analysis consists in identification of influence degree (force) of factors on resulting activities effect. We will consider as the major factors providing the high level of the city economic safety in modern conditions innovative activities, cluster structure and the marketing concept. …

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