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Social Media Marketing as an Effective Instrument of the Promotion of Social Business-Project in Social Entrepreneurial Activity

Academic journal article Academy of Marketing Studies Journal

Social Media Marketing as an Effective Instrument of the Promotion of Social Business-Project in Social Entrepreneurial Activity

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Speaking about the role of marketing in social entrepreneurship, it is necessary to define what the term "social entrepreneurship" means. We begin the analysis of this definition with the term "entrepreneurship". It has been used in the economic and business context for a long time, since the 18th century. It was introduced by French economist R. Cantillon. The most famous works in this direction are the ones by J.-B. Say, J. Schumpeter, P. Drucker (Schumpeter J., 1995)

J.-B. Say spoke about the economic efficiency of the entrepreneur to transfer economic resources from the sphere of low productivity into the sphere of high productivity. Joseph Schumpeter in his book "The Theory of Economic Development", published in 1911, argues that the main function of the entrepreneur consists in being an innovator, innovating and thus being a champion for economic development.

According to P. Drucker, "the entrepreneur always searches for changes, responds to them, and exploits them as an opportunity" (Drucker P., 1993).

Entrepreneurial activity aimed at mitigating or solving social problems is called "social entrepreneurship". A social entrepreneur introduces innovations into society.


On this basis it has been formulated a generic definition of social entrepreneurship--it is such entrepreneurial activity that aims to solve or mitigate the urgent social problems, and is at the intersection of business and philanthropy. But it is a commercial activity, the gain on which is reinvested rather than distributed among the company's shareholders. It aims at solving such sensitive issues as social vulnerability, unemployment, environmental protection, human rights. What is important is an entirely new approach to solving such problems.

The ideology of social entrepreneurship is that the entrepreneurial activity is based not for the sake of profit in which money has not already been a goal per se but means of goal attainment. The consumers of the result of social entrepreneurship are a particular target segment, and this type of an entrepreneur has an urgent need for organizing competent marketing in their entrepreneurial initiative.

In understanding of organizing classical marketing one can distinguish the following elements in the enterprise:

1. definition of long-term and medium--term plans of the companies in the consumer markets;

2. analysis of the market structure;

3. forecasts of the trends and prospects of the development of markets;

4. definition of price policy;

5. Choice of positioning and competitive advantages in the company.

Marketing in social entrepreneurship should not only perform these elements well but also assure the rapid growth of social entrepreneurial activity on the regional scale. Important is not only the uniqueness of an idea of the project; important is survival rate of the project on the market and its regional distribution.

In the Russian Federation, social entrepreneurship is being currently considered as a new sector of the economy which is at the crossroads of the commercial and non-commercial sectors. This, in turn, is provided by the support from the state of small business (The Order of the Ministry of Economic Development N[degrees] 411 July 01, 2014 "On the organization of the competitive selection of the subjects of the RF, whose budgets will be provided by the grants to finance the activities carried out within the framework of the state support for small and medium-sized business entities of the Russian Federation") and non-commercial organizations (the Federal law "On non-commercial organizations" from 12.01.1996 N 7-FZ) (Kalenskaya N.V., 2014)

In the course of analyzing the problem of social entrepreneurship, we referred to the research conducted by the fund of regional social programs "Fund is Our Future". In 2014 there was conducted an analysis of those areas of activity that were of particular attraction for social entrepreneurs. …

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