Academic journal article European Research Studies

Knowledge-Based Engineering as a Driver of Economic Development of the Regions of Russia

Academic journal article European Research Studies

Knowledge-Based Engineering as a Driver of Economic Development of the Regions of Russia

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The orientation of the market economy to meet the needs of consumers has a stimulating effect on the industrial enterprises and the territorial arrangement of production. The dynamism of the markets, the volatility of the market conditions and the turbulence of the macro-environment lead to a qualitative transformation of the regional economical systems. There appears a need to create a "medicine" from these negative phenomena and to establish the mechanisms to ensure the sustainable development of the regional economies.

The knowledge-based engineering enterprises are of exceptional importance in the spatial development of the regions. They provide high-speed generation of the breakthrough innovations, the assimilation of the fundamental developments, and the production of competitive products, increase the immunity and neutrality of the meso-environment to the "market failures". Acting as the driver of the economic development, the knowledge-based engineering reformats the market environment of the region through rapid modernization, radical transformations of the market space, and acceleration of the assimilation of new technological paradigms. The pulse of the regional development is enhanced by deepening their interaction with the "anchor enterprises", the "point of growth"-enterprises, the small and medium businesses and the establishment of the regional technology platforms, based on science and high technology.

Russian knowledge-based enterprises, operating in the post-transformational period and in the conditions of the change in the type of the economic management, require the implementation of the unity of the processes of modernization of the equipment and the expansion of the range of competitive products, and require to reconsider the views on the problems of the organization of production, research and design base, technical and technological and organizational training, development of competitive products and improvement of their R & D intensity. The reduction of the cycle of creation and development of the knowledge-based products are of particular importance for the enterprises. This problem comes to the fore, and it can be solved purely using the modern most advanced production techniques, the organization of a system for development and assimilation of new technologies and techniques as well as by the radical reorientation to production of the innovative products of new technological paradigms. (Garina et al., 2015; Akopova and Przhedetskaya, 2016; Albekov et al., 2017; Borovin et al., 2015; Dzhukha et al., 2017; Frank et al., 2016; Okunev et al., 2016; Shekhovtsov et al., 2017; Sibirskaya et al., 2016).

The problems of development of the knowledge-based engineering enterprises are very significant in the scientific field, since, on the one hand, they are the driver of development of Russian regions due to acceleration of the development of other branches of engineering and industry, and, on the other hand, they give impetus at the macro level to redirect the resource-export economy of Russia to the path of innovative development. This sector of economy experiences a number of problems. (Okunev et al., 2016; Garina et al., 2015; Gerasimov and Prosvirkin, 2015). The most acute are the shortage of skilled labor, the inefficiency of management, the lack of regional support programs for knowledge-based enterprises. The reinterpretation of their importance to the regional economy and the country as a whole and the development of the instruments for their promotion and support are required (Gerasimov and Prosvirkin, 2015; Ovchinnikov et al., 2016; Meskhi et al., 2016).


The fundamental and applied works of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of innovative development, high technology business management, regional economics, management, the results of several studies on the operation of the knowledge-based engineering enterprises and industry, the dynamics of the development of the innovative products and possibilities of their planning and forecasting are the methodological basis of this study. …

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