Academic journal article Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy

Wave Function Collapse in Retinal Structure under Aided/un-Aided Conditions

Academic journal article Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy

Wave Function Collapse in Retinal Structure under Aided/un-Aided Conditions

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In 'Brain to Brain Communication Between Humans', Ref ([31], [32]) the process of wave function collapse (WFC) was proposed as a source of information transfer between two subjects at a distance. In the present work, WFC, as a process of information transfer, is further investigated. We are concerned, as before, on time scale of collapse within the visual system aided and un-aided by intention of distant observer.

However, in this present work, WFC, being directly associated to consciousness, is investigated in the retinal structure of 'rhodopsin' in vitro. We study rhodopsin interaction with single photon and wave packet of light; in the classical and quantum cases, appropriately, aided and unaided through distant intention.

In the classical limit, photon(s)-rhodopsin interaction is more closely associated to the phenomenon of absorption rather than transmission in the form of tunneling. In the quantum mechanical treatment, photon(s)- rhodopsin interaction will be associated to the existence of 'off-diagonal' terms in the density matrix representation, which are responsible for pre- serving coherence in the molecular structure of rhodopsin. This interaction, when acted upon by consciousness agent, results in the retaining of one of the diagonal elements in the density matrix representation.

The resulting interaction of photon(s)-rhodopsin can thus be experimentally determined by analyzing the time and frequency domain of resulting absorption and emission spectra after a single photon--rhodopsin set up has been achieved. The preparation of the latter will require an entangled pho- ton pair produced through down parametric conversion guiding one single photon to single rhodopsin interaction as will be presented in explanatory model.

Our main hypothesis lies in the assumption that when distant intention has been sent to photon-rhodopsin pair, the phenomenal effect will swift from a simple and straight forward absorption process to that of a single entry in the density matrix representation thus leading to case of wave function collapse (WFC). From thus hypothesized selection, exact time of collapse can be demonstrated and further applied to information transfer at a distance between pairs of subjects.


2.1 Occult Chemistry

Wave function collapse, aided and un-aided, lies within the regime of occult chemistry. When considering the measurement problem, John Von Newman postulated that 'Mind' or consciousness is responsible for the collapse of the wave function through concept of the 'cut' as well as Process I in his explanatory descriptions of measurement Ref [1]. The larger idea of 'Mind' as a 'collapse' agent does not only find itself in the abstract writings of foundational of quantum theory, but also in texts related to Buddhist thought as well as alchemy. At the core of Buddhist teachings, it is believed that our physical reality is essentially a projection of our internal thought pro- cess, at an individual and communal level(s). In alchemical texts, 'Mind' is associated to the consciousness agent or creator of the localized and unlocalized realities of pure potentiality, Ref ([3], [4]). Many alchemical texts are not only based in laboratory thinking, but alchemy is deeply associated to the experience and purification of consciousness at large.

This interaction between matter and consciousness brings up several questions: what is the substance of that which is transformed? and are there any traces of such transformation process within the physical structure of the body?. These are questions that exist also intrinsically in physics when we investigate consciousness and matter interaction. The most eminent of such examples is WFC as a consciousness aided process. In other words, consciousness is treated as a primary agent of transformation in the particle/wave duality, and thus in the measurement problem. …

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