Academic journal article College Student Journal

"Outliers" to Bully Subculture on a College Campus and the Introduction of a New Term "Counter-Bully"

Academic journal article College Student Journal

"Outliers" to Bully Subculture on a College Campus and the Introduction of a New Term "Counter-Bully"

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Chaos theory analysis is introduced to college campuses, bully-victim, and strategies to calm bully victim behavior. The author borrows from both literature and personal experience with ways to deal with bullies. Scenarios are also introduced. More literature review did not generate more strategies. Roughly 20 are described. The author also introduced through Chaos theory that some form of bullying is necessary in the human condition and social systems


The author will attempt to describe the impact of bullies on the subculture of the college campus and the surrounding environs. If anything, this article will describe behaviors that are so embedded in the "college and universities campuses" (educational systems as conveyed in popular culture) that they may go unidentified or appear to be normal behavior.

The reference to "outliers" means that the word transcends the traditional schema of assumed observable behavior. In Chaos theory, it is the hidden dimension or stimuli that is not necessarily noticed, but makes a considerable impact on a system. Snell, J. Cangemi, J. and C. Kowalski (2006)

"Bully" means in this article, a person(s) that use untoward aggression to "victims" who are the recipients of this verbal and or physical force. (see below)


The general description of a college campus can be stereotyped from town-gown colleges to online universities. The author has taught at university, liberal arts college, community college, and online for close to 45 years. The descriptions of schools are approximate to underlie the foundational setting of bully-victim behavior.

Bullying can be considered part of the human condition. Sociological conflict theory (Crossman, A. 2015) suggests that real or relative stratification is based on both competition and aggression. A minority holds most of the power and uses it to its advantage. The "alpha" is a talented bully (discussed below) who can fight their way to the top. They then establish a system reflecting their personality or move on to a system that allows for their behavior. The university is a large corporation that does numerous tasks and need persons who can do that task.(____,2015.) Fear or gentle bullying is necessary according to sociological functionalism to keep production moving and morale high. (____2015)

This form of bullying also needs a contribution of knowledge of the position and social skills to conduct them. Contradictions or role conflict are part of the system. The larger the university, the more likely the school reflects national and state values. At this moment in time, there is a stereotype of very rough reverse correlation between high academic standards and prestige in football and then other sports. Generally speaking, winning games places schools in states with sparse populations or less tourism with more money and familiarity with cable and television populations (Echols-Luper, 2014.) Students struggle for grades and friends. The Greek fraternity system depends on its prestige attracting wealthy alumni in the years to come to donate huge sums of money. Bullying becomes institutionalized in the "pledge" program for neophytes. (Goldberg, B., 2014)

Perhaps the ideal president can balance athletes with under grad and grad scholars in expensive graduate programs. Cost cutting includes hiring more adjuncts, delaying less attractive majors with classrooms and teachers, muting teacher unions and related. With exceptions a winning president succeeds in many of these tasks. (Bowles, K. 2013)

Student bullying can mean a pledge program in a Greek system. Fights in down town bars and struggles with neighboring Greeks also occur. (Goldberg, B. 2013) Dorms filled with the unaffiliated can become high rise towers of bullying. Many illegal drugs, pornography, cheating, date rapes and many other "untoward" behavior is part of the bully system that often go unrecognized. …

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