Academic journal article Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal

Analyzing Students' Perception and Attitude towards Service Quality Delivery in Higher Educational Institutions of Punjab

Academic journal article Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal

Analyzing Students' Perception and Attitude towards Service Quality Delivery in Higher Educational Institutions of Punjab

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Purpose: The purpose of this research paper is to study as to how the PG students perceive the service quality offered by various Higher Educational Institutions (HEI's), located in Punjab state of India. The paper also highlights the effect of demographic factors including academic background and performance on the various dimensions of perceived service quality of the selected HEI's.

Design/methodology/approach: The study uses self-structured questionnaire duly validated and tested for reliability in this research. The service quality dimensions applicable to HEI's were categorized using factor analysis. The modified SERVQUAL model, as applicable to the education sector, was developed and validated. The perception with respect to the quality of service provided was evaluated and compared, by carrying out ANOVA and t-test. Post-hoc analysis tests were conducted to draw further inferences.

Findings: Findings of the research paper are that the demographic factors do affect the perception about service quality being offered by different Higher Educational Institutions in the country. The findings further reinforce the fact that HEIs need to place emphasis on the dimensions of service quality and take into account, more importantly the gender aspect of the demographic factor while maintaining adequate standards of service. Similarly, the service to be offered to the engineering, management and science students has to be outlined differently. Also, the service quality dimensions have to separately define for the students based upon their academic credentials.

Originality: The present research focuses on the service quality being offered by various Higher Educational Institutions in India, which has not been covered in earlier studies. On the basis of factor analysis, the various service quality dimensions as applicable to various HEI's in India have been identified and the effect of the demographic factors and academic performance, on perceived service quality dimensions has been studied and evaluated.

Keywords: Service quality, higher education institutions, universities, demographic factors, India


Globalization, in its literal sense, cutting across the barriers between different types of industry, signifies open competition among firms for customers in worldwide markets (Rastogi, 1996). The basis of this competition is quality, cost and performance of their products and services. Globalization implies free trade in products/services offering a wide choice to customers across borderless world. It exerts continuous pressure on competing companies to upgrade quality, reduce costs and develop superior products/services in terms of customer's need and expectations. In order to do so effectively, firms engage themselves in relentless pursuit of productivity and efficiency, technological development and innovation, and creativity and flexibility. In the present state, as the business environment is constantly changing, the demand for adaptability among organizations is also on the rise. Demands of customers, technological development, change in value system and globalization are some of the factors that derive the need for an organization to change and develop (Bruzelius and Skarvad 2004).

The changes in business environment have led to development of new techniques for organizing and managing companies/organizations. These changes have been necessitated due to international competition, and, in that regards, higher education is no exception. Higher education in India is expensive and all consumers want 'good value' for every penny they spend on, be it the classroom experience or beyond. Every student expects that the university, where he or she intends to study, must have the best of infrastructure, highly qualified faculty and the best of facilities.

Service sector, be it any industry or in the higher education institutions, today is fast emerging as a major contributor that fuels the socio-economic growth of a nation. …

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