Academic journal article European Research Studies

Mapping of Leadership Species Protection for the Sustainable Economic Growth of Local Communities

Academic journal article European Research Studies

Mapping of Leadership Species Protection for the Sustainable Economic Growth of Local Communities

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1. Introduction

The local government of Gorontalo Province is currently trying to protect, promote and conserve the Whale Shark spices in the province of Gorontalo, precisely located in Bonebolango district of Batubarani village. Gorontalo Province, is inserting important policies on how to promote the whale shark Species, as a tourist center, this is a concrete step by the government in protecting whale sharks for ecotourism community, for local people of Gorontalo, national and abroad. The existence of whale sharks in Gorontalo province can be: (1) tourist attractions (2) Revenue sources for the region and increase the income of surrounding communities, as a factor of growth and improvement of people's economic welfare. (3) The strategic steps of the provincial and district governments of Bonebolango to create rules and policies to organize and manage the species of whale sharks that fall into endangered species such as turtles, dugongs and dolphins.

The existence of whale sharks on the coast of Botutonuo can be a cultural history of ecotourism development in the coastal areas as nature conservation and welfare improvement, this is in line with the opinion in Butcher; 2007 states that ecotourism is a form of journey to an unspoiled region that aims to understand the natural culture and history of its environment, maintain the integrity of the ecosystem, while creating economic opportunities to make these conservation and natural resources profitable for local communities (Phinney, J. S., Cantu, C. L., & Kurtz, 1997). The policy of the provincial and district governments in protecting, promoting and conserving whale sharks is very important because it maintains the continuity of ecosystem characteristics in the waters, as a factor of community-based biodiversity conservation, as well as in improving coastal preservation through coastal conservation as a tourist attraction in the Bonebolango, whose maintenance process uses management functions (Naor, M., Goldstein, S., M., Linderman, K., W. and Schroeder, R., 2016).

The management functions, according to (Handoko, 2003) are: (1) Planning ie., planning function, (2) Organizing ie., as a function of organizing, (3) Actuating ie., the function of moving and (4) Controlling or evaluate, management strives for the achievement of strategic targets in the management of Botubarani beaches, thus the provincial government policy on Botunonuo coastal management, uses the POAC function for the effectiveness and efficiency of coastal conservation as ecotourism in the development of coastal environments as a strategic area of tourism (Yueh- Shian Lee dan Weng-Kun Liu, 2017).

The government as a leader in the region has an important role in better regional governance, in the opinion of Northouse, P.G. 2003 in the theory and practice of leadership that the leader in his strategy must be able to organize the organization is able to run the concept of government in administrative management and can solve the problems in the organization (Muenjohn, 2007).

Based on the fungi management of territorial and waters condition and tourism object in Gorontalo province Government in protecting Whale Shark Speaces, in principle and function of Management, hence focus of this research is; Planning and Development, including; Concept of Beach Management Design and Grand Design Road Map Fish Bond Gorontalo Provincial Goverment, especially Bonebolango Regency Government for Promotion and Utilization of Botubarani Beach as a Genetic Ecotourism Diversity Whale Shark, through Management Function: Planning and Development of Botubarani Beach as Center of Pope's shark ecotourism.

2. Research Methodology

The approach used in this research is qualitative. This research gives more emphasis on the disclosure of meaning and process with natural background as a source of direct data (Moleong, 2006). Qualitative research has some natural background as a direct source of data and the researcher is a key instrument (Rahmat, 2017). …

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