Academic journal article Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy

Reterritorializing Ireland and Mental Health

Academic journal article Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy

Reterritorializing Ireland and Mental Health

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It is fact that since 1998 the "republic of Ireland" has inflicted the following processes on its "citizens" among much else;

--an attempted e-voting proposal whose software developer did not actually know how Ireland's voting system worked. This began in 2002 with a "trial run" at a general election constituency, yielding a bizarre result, and ended only in 2009

--deterritorialization with a pax Americana rescinding all our land claims on every part of the island;

--removal of the universities from the rule of law on the basis of a fanciful reading of the 1997 universities act, leading--as one might expect--to abuse of scholars and theft;

--allowing music companies operate openly post dissolution, coinciding with and precipitating the death of the independents;

--turning the banks into private cash cows for a new elite, who burned through the state's wealth and saw their debt was shifted to the sovereign, ultimately in manner never seen before for junior/unsecured debt at the instigation of Tim Geithner;

--a quickening of corporatism, leading for example to new hires in the health services for administrators at a time when a freeze on hiring doctors and nurses--trained at great expense--meant there were less of them to administer, as they emigrated;

--failed attempts at generating IP by dint of centralizing software in the Taoiseach's office, and indeed music and film in the Taoiseach's family

--allowing "vulture funds" insist that the householders they evicted would still have to pay their full mortgage, while NAMA allowed the new elite regain possession of their empires for 40c on the euro on average;

--deliberate state intervention in the housing market making homes unaffordable again after the 2007-2012 crash had allowed market forces reduce them;

--In one of the few banking crisis cases that went to court, the defendants were found guilty but not sentenced by the judge because he ruled that the state had ordered them to commit crimes. The agent of the state , Neary, was never charged

--A private company was corruptly given a monopoly on music rights, and proceeded to privatize all of Irish music, while its chair amassed a horde of pirated copyrights;

--There was attested abuse of Irish students at the universities, not responded to by the highest authorities when put to them in the Dail, coupled with their replacement for the elite academic jobs by foreigners;

--When a whistleblowing Garda member (ie cop) revealed (inter alia) abuse of the driving penalty points system, he was not protected; in fact, he had allegations of penetrative sexual assault copied and pasted from another's file onto his and nobody has been charged for this clear fraud;

--In an effort to get rid of academic tenure, DCU asserted a bogus contract with fraudulent signatures by dint of an alleged "comprehensive agreement" with the closed-shop union which the union never even discussed. 8 court cases later and even after recission of an illegal disciplinary procedure, the illegal contracts are still being asserted and the employees dubiously employed--not to mention the perpetrators of the fraud--still paid from the public purse

--Finally, during unprecedented austerity, in 2016 the government refused a tax windfall of E15 billion 9or so; it changes!) imposed on Apple for its activities in Ireland, but chose instead to appeal the verdict. When the Minister for Finance resigned a year later, the money remained uncollected despite demands from the European commission

Of course, much of what I am about to relate falls under Deleuze's notion of "deterritorialization. " It is exemplified by the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, and Americans playing Irish/Scottish music, and so on. The latter includes psychobilly ( FUA), Serbian (https://www. …

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