Academic journal article T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)


Academic journal article T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)


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Zenith Electronics has introduced its "43 Series" PCZTV computer, to-TV color television sets, featuring new advanced scan conversion technology capabilities and added functionality specifically designed for use in the classroom. These 25-, 27-, 32- and 36-inch television monitors incorporate advanced video scan conversion technology, providing higher resolution capability for computer-to-TV imagery and compatibility with most computer systems currently in use.

Based upon sophisticated four-line averaging technology, Zeniths PCZTV approach allows large-screen TVs to display crisp, computer-generated images from any personal computer running a DOS, Windows or Mac application. With high resolution, high quality large screen images, this monitor can put an end to the days of students crowding around a single, small computer screen in order to see what the teacher is showing on the computer. Students can view computer-generated images on a single large-screen PCZTV or multiple units.

A mirroring capability allows users to simultaneously view images on both the computer and the PCZTV. Zoom and Pan capability lets users zoom in on a particular part of the television screen and includes a 2-to-1 zoom feature with horizontal and vertical panning. Automatic Fit-to-Screen technology sizes computer images to fit the TV screen. CamPort front panel audio/video jacks automatically sense a connection and accept input from VCRs, laser disc players and other video equipment. Zenith Electronics Corp., Glenview, IL, (800) 884-1742,

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For individual and small-group applications, ViewSonic makes the 21" MB110 MultiMedia Series monitor, the flagship in a new series. It offers exceptional images and a superior Nakamichi Acoustic Design sound system for extraordinary built-in sound and voice capabilities.

With its USB connectivity, the MB110 has created a new level of integrated 3D entertainment, interactive education and communications for demanding multimedia applications such as video editing and conferencing, Web surfing, Web design and 3D gaming for PC or Mac.

The 21" (20" viewable) display provides a 0.26mm dot pitch for sharp, crisp images for both photos and videos. A SuperContrast screen creates rich colors, clear displays and overall image excellence. For flicker-free viewing and reduced eye fatigue, the monitor displays a high 1,280 x 1,024 resolution at 88Hz with a maximum resolution of 1,600 x 1,280. Features include OnView on-screen image adjustment controls and ViewMatch color controls.

Its Nakamichi sound system boasts dynamic sound delivered by two 5-watt, front-firing bezel-integrated speakers and a 10-watt subwoofer built into the monitor base. Bass, treble and volume can be controlled on-screen. The MB110 is also USB (Universal Service Bus) ready. ViewSonic Corp., Walnut, CA, (800) 888-8583,

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The MicroScan 5GT high-contrast digital color monitor from ADI Systems has a 17-inch, 16-inch diagonal viewable image and features Sony Trinitron CRT with Anti-Reflection Treatment (AR.t) screen technology. The monitor provides users with a .25mm aperture grill pitch for sharper images and vibrant colors.

Surfacing the monitor with Sony's AR.t coating technology reduces glare and reflection, and thereby image distortion. In addition, the tilt adjustment rotates the screen to compensate for effects caused by magnetic fields, and the screen expands without distortion to eliminate the black border that can cause eye strain.

This flat screen CRT is capable of a horizontal scanning frequency up to 95kHz, producing flicker free resolutions up to 1,600 x 1,200 at 75Hz. It also incorporates the intuitive EasyScreen on-screen display, power saving functionality and ProColor WYSIWYG color adjustment, which enables precise color matching of printed pages for graphics professionals. …

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