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The Challenges of Globalization in the Measurement of National Accounts

Academic journal article NBER Reporter

The Challenges of Globalization in the Measurement of National Accounts

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A meeting of the Conference on Research in Income and Wealth, on the topic of "The Challenges of Globalization in the Measurement of National Accounts," took place in Washington on March 9-10. Nadim Ahmad and Peter van de Ven of the OECD, Brent Moulton of the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and Research Associate J. David Richardson of Syracuse University organized the meeting. The program was divided into five parts. These researchers' papers were presented and discussed:

Challenges of Globalization in National Accounts

* Moulton and van de Ven, "Addressing the Challenges of Globalization in National Accounts"

* Silke Stapel-Weber, Paul Konijn, John Verrinder, and Henk Nijmeijer, Eurostat, "Meaningful Information for Domestic Economies in the Light of Globalization--Will Additional Macroeconomic Indicators and Different Presentations Shed Light?"

* Maria Borga and Cecilia Caliandro, OECD, "Eliminating the Pass-Through: Towards FDI Statistics that Better Capture the Financial and Economic Linkages between Countries"

* Fariha Kamal, Bureau of the Census, "A Portrait of U.S. Factoryless Goods Producers"

Accounting for Global Production Processes

* James J. Fetzer, Tina Highfill, Kassu Hossiso, Thomas Howells, Erich Strassner, and Jeffrey Young, Bureau of Economic Analysis, "Accounting for Firm Heterogeneity within U.S. Industries: Extended Supply-Use Tables and Trade in Value Added using Enterprise and Establishment Level Data"

* Gabriela Saborio-Munoz and Rigoberto Torres-Mora, Central Bank of Costa Rica, "Costa Rica: Integrating Foreign Direct Investment Data and Extended Supply-and-Use Tables into the National Accounts"

* Bart Los and Marcel Timmer, University of Groningen, "Measuring Bilateral Exports of Value Added: A Unified Framework"

* Bernhard Michel, Caroline Hambye, and Bart Hertveldt, Belgian Federal Planning Bureau, "The Role of Exporters and Domestic Producers in GVCs: Evidence for Belgium Based on Extended National Supply-and-Use Tables Integrated into a Global Multiregional Input-Output Table"

* Nadim Ahmad, "Accounting for Globalization: Frameworks for Integrated International Economic Accounts"

Impact of Transfer Pricing and Tax Avoidance

* Mark Vancauteren, Hasselt University, and Michael Polder and Marcel van den Berg, Statistics Netherlands, "The Relationship Between Tax Payments and MNE's Patenting Activities and Implications for Real Economic Activity: Evidence from the Netherlands"

* Derrick Jenniges, Raymond Mataloni Jr. …

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