Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Newspaper Citation in Scholarly Publications: A Study on Financial Times Newspaper during 2001-2010 as Reflected in Web of Science

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Newspaper Citation in Scholarly Publications: A Study on Financial Times Newspaper during 2001-2010 as Reflected in Web of Science

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Newspaper is a periodical publication containing news, research findings, other important information and advertisement; most newspapers focus on political developments, economy, business and finance, education, development, environment, art, culture, sports, entertainment, health and medicine, science and technology etc (Dutt, Garg & Bhatta, 2013). Newspaper have being playing a vital role in the communication process of scientific research findings and publications in the world. Scientists across the world access to news sources or mass media like everyone else, which suggests that the scientific impact of a research will be boosted by coverage in newspapers and other media etc., Fanelli (2013). Newspapers are a primary source of communication for general public on issues related to any new developments. Many scientific research activities and findings on various disciplines are published daily in the newspapers across the globe. It helps subject field or discipline to reach out to its readers in very short span of time.

Newspaper industries encountered with disruptive internet technologies in the 1090's; and the first web-based newspaper was launched in 1994 called the "Electronic Signpost" in April 1994 (Gunter, 2003). In May 1995 Quill reported that more than one hundred Newspaper publishing housed had gone online with their web-edition (Cochran, 1995). The launch of web-edition broke the geographical boundaries of Newspaper reach; as internet penetration started to move in north direction across the globe.

Dailies are broadly classified in two categories; General Newspaper and Financial Newspaper. General Newspaper caters the need of all type of user, while Financial daily covers exclusive economic and financial subjects. One of the leading financial daily is "The Financial Times" it is an English-language international daily newspaper started in 1888 in United Kingdom by Pearson PLC, London. It emphasis mainly on business and economic news. The Financial Times has an average daily circulation of 391,657 in 2010 (Financial Times, 2017).

Literature Review

Few prominent studies in past had identified the citation pattern in various disciplines and to identify the sources which attract more citation. Journals are highly cited and it is one of the most important sources in scholarly publications followed by thesis and dissertation (Madkey & Rajyalakshmi, 1994); (Chikate & Patil, 2008); (Keat & Kaur, 2008); (Vimala & Dominic, 2012); (Kagra & Sharma, 2014). Source specific study by Singh & Bebi (2013); Gupta & Khare (2013); Ezema & Asogwa (2014) Singh & Bebi (2014) highlighted the importance of books as citation sources by researchers.

Online newspaper have evolved over the period of time, researcher have studied on variety of features like, content, inter-activeness, revenue etc., (Kamere & Bressers, 1998); Dibean & Garrions, 2001); (Li, 2002). Newspaper as source was studied by Ravikumar & Agrahari (2015) and found that, newspaper is highly cited in scholarly publications. Old and most circulated newspaper is more cited than the new newspapers. They also found that, there is no correlation between rank of newspaper circulation and the rank of citation count.

Earlier studies had been carried out to find out the use of different forms of document; as a source of citations. From the literature it was found that financial newspaper specific studies have not been carried out till now. As these tabloids caters the information need to select audience. Thus, this study tries to bridge the gap using citation analysis to identify the role of Financial Times newspaper in scholarly publications and flow of information from dailies to serials.


The objectives of the study are:

i. To examine the citation pattern of financial time newspaper during 2001-2010

ii. …

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