Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

Puzzling out a Survival Plan

Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

Puzzling out a Survival Plan

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Two out of a hundred bankers don't have to read the latest findings of the ABA/ABA Banking Journal Community Bank Competitiveness Survey.

How do we know that? Simple--1.8% of the 748 bankers responding to the third annual survey told us their answer to the challenges of banking's future is to be acquired. All the rest want to remain independent--and thus they should read this report cover-to-cover.

Competition today isn't just about success--it's about survival. With more and more players vying for community banks' customers, second chances are getting scarcer than good $2 cigars.

As community banks begin confronting 1999, they have more questions to answer and puzzles to solve about their future than ever before. Will they continue to be deposit-takers or are those days passing? How do they become more efficient without losing their strengths? Should they venture onto the World Wide Web and what can they expect for their effort?

Contained in the pages of this survey report are the answers your fellow community bankers are giving to such questions. The three charts on this page give a partial profile of the respondents' banks.

                Does your bank have a subchapter S charter?

Banks Over $200 mill.         13%
Banks between $101-$200 mill. 22%
Banks under $100 mill.        65%
No                            87%

                        What your bank's structure? … 
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