Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Influence of Career Choice on Professional and Job Commitment of Librarians in Selected Libraries in Oyo and Ogun States, Nigeria

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Influence of Career Choice on Professional and Job Commitment of Librarians in Selected Libraries in Oyo and Ogun States, Nigeria

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The determining factors and motivations which led to individual's involvement in an action have been seen to influence the performance level of such individuals in such actions. The influence of an individual's needs and desires both have a strong impact on the direction of his/her behaviour. Motivation is based on people's emotions and achievement- related goals. This has been confirmed especially in situations where a student is being forced to enrol for a course which does not come from the intuition of such student. It has been confirmed that university students who have selected their own choice of courses to study have performed wonderfully as against their counterparts who were forced or were given a substitute course when they could not secure the course of their choice (Mizener and Williams, 2009). This process of career choice is key to the success of any given profession as the students who are studying are the future of the profession. In other words, it is assumed that career choice will have effect on the eventual profession.

While some careers like medicine, law, accountancy enjoy wide popularity, librarianship as a career is still having difficulty to get known. For instance, there have been several reports of negative stereotypes of a library career among students heading for the university and several other studies have found out that even library and information science school students tend to list librarianship as a profession with low prestige. In Nigeria, many youths go into unsuitable careers due to ignorance, inexperience, peer pressure, advice from friends, parents and teachers or as a result of the prestige attached to certain jobs without adequate vocational guidance and career counselling (Okoro, 2009). Consequently, many of them are unsuited for their careers as they usually find themselves in jobs where they could not satisfy their value needs. When this occurs, they constitute nuisance to themselves and their employers. They are usually unable to contribute meaningfully to the society and ultimately become liability to the nation. Therefore, prospective students and practitioners of librarianship require guidance of the professional librarians for take career choice decisions, as these relate to professional and job commitments of librarians.

Factors adduced to Library Information Science (LIS) students' choice for entering into librarianship have been seen to be influenced by contact with a librarian or working in a library while choosing it as a career. In some specific populations of students which are choosing specialized programme like law librarianship, their perception of the field of study have not been encouraging going by their attitude to the profession. The same attitude was the case of the University of Ghana library students. Their perceptions of the field were not positive though this changed positively after one year in the school.

The career choice of librarianship by its current chunk of practitioners is presumably far from passion or conviction as it has been indicated in research findings. Librarianship is among the least sought-after professions in Nigeria people, particularly students; do not like to pursue a career in librarianship It has equally been reported that various library students in Nigeria entered the library school because they failed to secure admission into other departments such as law or engineering and that 20% of the students choose pick the profession due to the influence of librarians in their family.

Career commitment is an umbrella word used to describe one's commitment to a number of work related targets; namely, to one's career, one's profession and one's occupation. Career commitment is also referred to as occupational commitment or professional commitment, and is a person's belief in the values of a chosen occupation and a willingness to maintain membership in that occupation. There are three forms of career commitment. …

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