Academic journal article African American Review

Simple Arithmetic

Academic journal article African American Review

Simple Arithmetic

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No opposition mounted against it, no Challengers in the shadows, waiting in the wings. That's what a so-called charmed life has needed, An open season to fritter away, hunting Or cavorting about as snug in its getup As the ace of spaces is in his or in yours;

None of its greater white-hopes dreading an end In sight to dreams being dreamt by nobody's fool, By who isn't worshiping assimilation, And who hasn't bowed, quaking in the doorway To an appointment with a noose. After living A dream that has swam through a sea of razors,

I have coined a ditty, today. It reads "Home. Don't leave your rebused house without it." That And whether you or I slow down long enough For slits to be chopped into our psyches Is all a charmed life has not ever wanted: Us: knowing that they can program our minds,

Compelling us to just say yes to what-all Drilled home to who we are or are presently Thinking of ourselves as. Implanted with aches That register as long-suppressed yelps, Tonight, schlumping into surreality, Where dream leads the whole universe in touchdowns

By a runner, stolen bases, and blocked shots, Its acrobatic abandon an entree To the main course of its fetish for giving An audience its tuppence worth of negro, There he is, not folding his asbestos nutshell, Or laying it under his mattress again;

Not enamored over dated promises, And not drooling or panting at the prospect Of being thought of as sensitive or sane. …

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