Academic journal article ETC.: A Review of General Semantics

World Wide Web Discovery

Academic journal article ETC.: A Review of General Semantics

World Wide Web Discovery

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Michael Buchenroth

A waxing quantity of electronically Published literature and datamines manifest Within the world wide web daily. Indeed with such realness - Rich electronic histories Sciences Geology URLs to JPLs satellite imagery from Pluto And beyond Information on cosmic rays. Oh My God and so on - The focus, then, transforms into discovery.

Walt Whitman, the Transcendentalist poet, Wrote Song of Myself enlightened Evidently - perhaps even quantumly infinite As the web similarly sings, enchanted.

To send a slippery snake slithering Ferreting Drilling deep Prior to dawn Indulge collective colloquium.

Ripe to bear sons Daughters Pedagogue divides Turns to see (clearly)

Electrons engaged in dialogue Idle helium frolicking With zealous hydrogen An A to Z soiree. Chance exists the snake will stay Run away Participate in the aggregate.

Through the unknown, remembered gate The last of earth left to discover.

Is not the end nor the beginning, T. S. Eliot Behold the human evolutionary paradigm Perhaps the bicameral mind means binary brain, Julian Jaynes - No, wholeness wanton dichotomy! But simultaneous endings and beginnings beyond cyclic Nonexistent linguistics. The visionary spider met mother wit And the collective web David Bohm implication Algorithmic intelligence Sustaining itself Einstein spooky action at a distance Jon B. …

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