Notes to Chris concerning Household Conduct While I Am Away in Buenos Aires

Article excerpt

Remember the remote controls nothing that you really want or need. Go to a movie instead or eat some custard. Both are far, but you can walk.

Don't mind the little sand showers that fall in the hearth sometimes. It only means that ambulances are driving by.

Lock the back door because sometimes Pankley climbs the fire escape and bangs on the back door in the name of his Hate. He does it to everyone. And because he owes us money.

Leave my subway token alone. It is my only link to the New York I knew and loved and survived. Take some quarters if you have to wash.

If the spiders come, don't move a muscle. They don't know your smell.

Smoke reefer on the balcony. You will see the helicopters from there. And women come to sit on the wall below. Drop down matches so they see you.

Do not leave out a dish of wet food for the dog I imagine - earwigs!

The walls taste better licked up high.

Call Army Tom if you need to wash. He has a phone number.

Let the washer run as if I had just stepped away. Its heat is my ghost.

Movies, fine. But custard is troubling sometimes. There is plenty of paper.

Remember me in various locations throughout the rooms. I especially like the kitchen nook and I wouldn't mind a little glass of juice.

The towels leave fuzz if you don't shave first. It's okay.

The coat tree is positioned so to shiver a stalker into your mental rooms if you're not quite looking. Let it. It does that to me too.

The whorls of dark grease in the tub are also me. …


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