Academic journal article ETC.: A Review of General Semantics

The Is Not the Territory.Com

Academic journal article ETC.: A Review of General Semantics

The Is Not the Territory.Com

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Many investors in the stock market fascinated the are by internet, and eagerly purchase stock in companies with "dot corn" or other on-line signifiers in their names. They hope to "get in on the ground floor of the next Microsoft."

Some companies have changed their names and added "dot com," specifically to attract these speculative investors. Their stock prices may skyrocket several times, then gradually settle back down to only a modest gain over the former price, as investors realize that the new map refers to pretty much the same old territory.

The Wall Street Journal reported that MIS International, selling at less that 50 cents a share, changed to and zoomed up to $5, with volume up from two thousand shares a day to as much as six million. Axxess at $8 became at $26 a few weeks later, then dropped back to $16. Charter Investor Relations changed to, and went from a penny stock to $26 in two weeks, then back down to $7 in two months.

When PinkMonkey.tom, an internet seller of educational materials, turned out a news release that pronounced itself "poised to become the of the educational study aid market," the stock leaped from $1 to $17 in a few days, then skidded down to around $2 in a few weeks.

Soup [Can.sub.1] is not Soup [Can.sub.2]

Pop artist Andy Warhol is best remembered for his prints featuring Campbell Soup cans. The five thousand or so are quite similar except for the name of the flavor of the soup. One might think that since these prints are so much alike, their market value would be about the same.

Not so, the Wall Street Journal found. The Campbell Soup Company reports its biggest sellers are Tomato and Chicken Noodle varieties. …

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