Decision Support for "Customer Centricity"

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Bankers who want to maintain an accurate customer profile or make timely decisions about, say, proper resource allocation for developing a sales and service program across multiple channels, should consider a new system for building "nearly instant analytical applications. Called Discovery Suite 2.0, it is made up of several components described below, and is available from Digital Archaeology Discovery Corp.

In an era when reams of data reside in the call center, on the web, or in branches, and despite widespread use of datawarehouses, there is still a need for systems that can gather, interpret, and transform sales and marketing data from internal and third party sources into actionable customer information. Banks are generally clear on what sort of information they want--purchasing behavior, customer demographics, or gaining insight into how a department such as customer service actually does by examining call logs and service costs.

What's less clear is what solution will actually deliver. Costly data warehouses with rigidly defined analytical applications tend to put a stranglehold on banks that may not know what their future search/use requirements will be at the time of system deployment, the folks at Digital Archaelogy assert.

The company has come at the problem with a new architecture called X-Set, for which a patent is pending. This essentially lets banks pull in data from multiple legacy systems without having to initially predefine the data's structure as it is shuttled into a centralized database. Instead, this end-to-end system loads, cleanses, manages, analyzes, mines, presents, and deploys data. …