Academic journal article Childhood Education

Effects of Child Care on Children's Development

Academic journal article Childhood Education

Effects of Child Care on Children's Development

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Recent ERIC documents and journal articles that discuss the effects of child care quality and environment on various aspects of children's development are summarized in this column. For details about ERIC and ordering ERIC documents, please see the information following these abstracts.

ERIC Documents

ED 386297

COST, QUALITY AND CHILD OUTCOMES IN CHILD CARE CENTERS. Technical Report, Public Report, and Executive Summary. Suzanne W. Helburn, Ed. 1995. 575 pp. (Available from EDRS and: Cost, Quality, and Child Outcomes Study, Economics Department, Campus Box 159, P.O. Box 173364, University of Colorado at Denver, Denver, CO 80217-3364.) This study provides a comprehensive analysis of child care and children's outcomes. The study was designed to examine how child care costs and the nature and effects of children's child care experiences are related. Researchers interviewed and distributed questionnaires to center directors, teachers and parents; observed classrooms in each center; and gathered data on 826 children from preschool classrooms. The study found that most child care is mediocre in quality and interferes with children's emotional and intellectual development. While market forces constrain costs, they also depress the quality of care provided to children. Although it costs more to provide good quality care than poor quality care, higher costs are not reflected in parent fees.

ED 385342

QUALITY OF CHILD CARE AND CHILDREN'S QUALITY OF LIFE. Tullia Musatti. 1993. 27 pp. This paper examines child care quality and the effects of in-home and out-of-home child care on children's quality of life, focusing on the results of a 1992 study of child care in Italy. The study also found that children in child care centers tend to have more social interactions with peers, spend less time watching television and spend more time with their fathers than children cared for by mothers or other caregivers.

ED 383440

EVALUATING EDUCATION REFORM: Early Childhood Education. A Review of Research on Early Education, Family Support and Parent Education, and Collaboration. Anne Mitchell, Heather Weiss & Tom Schultz. 1993. 56 pp. This literature review summarizes past and current research on early childhood education, parent education and family support programs. The literature indicates that the theoretical constructs underlying various intervention strategies have evolved over 30 years. Initial programs focused on improving children's cognitive functioning or on altering parents' behavior to promote cognitive functioning. This narrow cognitive focus expanded over the years to concentrate on the entire range of children's developmental outcomes and the improvement of parents' lives. This review of research also indicates that interventions beginning early in a child's life are more effective than later interventions.

ED 381265

ARE OUR KIDS ALL RIGHT? Answers to the Tough Questions About Child Care Today. Susan B. Dynerman. 1994. 372 pp. (Not available from EDRS; write Peterson's Publishing Group, Department MD9404, P.O. Box 2123, Princeton, NJ 08543-2123.) Examining over 20 years of research, this book attempts to answer three of parents' pressing questions about child care: 1) Is child care harmful?; 2) Are babies damaged by the fact that their mothers work?; and 3) Are working parents, by being absent during most of the day, neglecting their children's needs? Pediatricians, researchers, teachers and society in general are ambivalent about the answers. Part 1 of the book focuses on child care quality in the United States, child care studies, the attachment controversy, the lives of mothers and infants who use child care, and how parents' work lives affect their children. Part 2 is a guide to child rearing.

ED 368466

EDUCATION AND CARE: A Review of International Studies of the Outcomes of Early Childhood Experiences. Valerie N. Podmore. …

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