Research Grants Awarded by Council, May 1999

Article excerpt

There were 139 applications received of which 40 were approved by Council. Funds available for grants totalled $700,000.

Aboriginal Research and         Effects of the Common Youth
                                 Allowance for
Resource Centre, University     New South Wales Indigenous Students
of New South Wales
Anning, Beris                   An Unmasking: A Critical Analysis of
                                 the 1998 Abstudy Policies
Arbon, Veronica                 Retracing Tracks: Finke, Oodnadatta
                                 and Maree, 1800s-1940s
Barrett, Glynn                  Russian Texts and Annotation Project
Bawinanga Aboriginal            Rembarrnga Rock Art Survey
Birch, Anthony Keith            The Health and Population of
                                 Aboriginal People in Early Victoria
Bird, Michael                   Robust C-14 Dating of the Human
                                 Occupation of Australia
Blair, Neruda                   Darkinjung History: Lands, Waters,
                                 Peoples and Cultures
Burke, Paul                     Compensation for the Loss of Native
                                 Title Rights
Carr, Theresa                   Wunambal Language Documentation
Chi, Maxine                     Indigenous Sea Use in Western
Chippendale, Christopher        Archaeology of Rock Art Images in
                                 Wardaman Country
Clarkson, Chris                 Technological Change in the Eastern
                                 Victoria River
                                Region, Northern Australia
Corn, Aaron                     Arnhem Land Blues: Contemporary
                                 Music, Musicians and
                                Ethnocentricity in Arnhem Land
Eickelkamp, Ute                 Ernabella Women's Art: A
                                 Socio-Aesthetic Analysis
Elias, Derek                    People and Place in the Tanami
Engelhardt, Janine              Aboriginal Elders Talk about Their
                                 Experience of Childbirth
Fantin, Shaneen                 The Interrelationships between
                                 Kinship, Avoidance Laws
                                 and Spatial Behaviour in Yolngu
                                 Living Environments
Gill, Nicholas                  At Home and on the Murranji:
                                 Aboriginal Work Histories
                                 and Landscape in the Pastoral
                                 Industry of the Northern Territory
Gunn, Robert                    Akolpe Rock Art Recording
Hlinka, Vojtech                 An Application of Genetic Methods
                                 to Reconstructing
                                Aboriginal Fisheries in Gooreng
                                 Gooreng Country
Institute for Aboriginal        Don Ross Oral History Project
Jawiyabba, Qawanji              Those Men from Palmer River
Knight, Emily Jane              Further Bunaba Grammar and
                                 Dictionary Development
Laba, Billai                    Reconstruction of the History of
                                 Maluan `Terre'
                                 (Ceremony of the Sea)
McNiven, Ian                    Dauan Rock Art Project
Marshall, Lucy                  Ilambirri
Munday, Debbie                  Currawong, Monaro Aborigines
Mushin, Ilana                   Garrwa Language Project
Nguiu Nginingawila Literature   Historical Photos of the Tiwi Island
Production Centre Inc. … 


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