Workgroup Participants

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1. Sustainable Health and Development Workgroup  Barbiero, Victor            USAID Bell, Peter                 CARE Broun, Denis                UNICEF Brown, Peter                Emory University Daulaire, Nils              USAID Foster, Stan                Rollins School of Public Health Garrett, Dwayne             Lions Clubs International Henderson, Ralph            WHO Homeida, Mamoun             Higher National Committee for                               the Control of Onchocerciasis Jarrett, Stephen            UNICEF PLADS, Freeport Justice, Judith             University of California, San                               Francisco Kotz, Renee                 American Red Cross Kreysler, Joachim           International Federation of Red                               Cross and Red Crescent Societies Lawrence, Robert            Johns Hopkins University Malison, Michael            CDC Melgaard, Bjorn             WHO Middleberg, Maurice         CARE Minkin, Stephen             UNDP Newberry, David             CARE O'Rourke, Pearl             NIH Rodriquez-Garcia, Rosalia   George Washington University Rojanapitthayakor, Wiwat    Ministry of Public Health, Thailand Salisbury, David            Department of Health, United                               Kingdom Scott, Linda                NIH Sencer, David               CDC (ret.) Sergeant, William           The Rotary Foundation Steinglass, Robert          BASICS Stokes, Charlie             CDC Foundation Wahlstrom, Margareta        International Federation of Red                               Cross and Red Crescent Societies Waldman, Ron                BASICS White, Mark                 CDC Widdus, Roy                 WHO  2. Noninfectious Diseases Workgroup  Alnwick, David              UNICEF Baldwin, Bob                CDC Beresford, Shirley          University of Washington Blount, Steve               CDC Corber, Stephen             PAHO Curran, James               Emory University Dayrit, Manuel              Aetna HealthCare, Inc. DeLange, Francois           ICCIDD Freire, Wilma               PAHO Hahn, Robert                CDC Hall, Robert                South Australian Health Commission Heywood, Peter              The World Bank Johnston, Richard           March of Dimes Katz, Martha                CDC Foundation Kavishe, Festo              UNICEF Lyerla, Rob                 CDC Maberly, Glen               Rollins School of Public Health Malaspina, Alex             ILSI Mannar, M.G.                The Micronutrient Initiative/RC Marks, James                CDC Martorell, Reynaldo         Rollins School of Public Health Mbidde, Edward              Uganda-CWRU Research                               Colloraboration Oakley, Godfrey             CDC Orinda, Vincent             UNICEF Sommer, Alfred              Johns Hopkins University Teutsch, Steven             Merck & Co. Trowbridge, Fredrick        ILSI Underwood, Barbara          National Eye Institute Young, Mary Eming           The World Bank  3. Bacterial Diseases Workgroup  Arita, Isao                 Agency for Cooperation in International                               Health Bart, Kenneth               San Diego State University Bennett, John               Rollins School of Public Health, Emory                               University Berkelman, Ruth             CDC Berkley, Seth               The International AIDS Vaccine                               Initiative Broome, Claire              CDC Brunham, Robert             University of Manitoba Cardenas, Carlos            CARE Castro, Kenneth             CDC Cook, Joseph                The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation Counts, George              NIH Enarson, Donald             International Union Against TB & Lung                               Disease Fishbein, Martin            Annenburg School of Communication Gangarosa, Eugene           Emory University Garnett, Geoffrey           Oxford University Gunawan, Suriadi            National Institute on Health Research &                               Development Haddix, Anne                CDC Hierholzer, Walter          CDC Hinman, Alan                The Task Force for Child Survival and                               Development Hughes, James               CDC Levine, Myron               University of Maryland School of                               Medicine Levine, William             CDC Madore, Dace                Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines and Pediatrics Makela, Helena              National Public Health Institute Novotny, Thomas             The World Bank Nunn, P. … 


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