Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Library and Information Science Blogs in India: An Evaluative Study

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Library and Information Science Blogs in India: An Evaluative Study

Article excerpt

1. Introduction

Blog has been the perfect platform to publish ideas and thoughts online, it can engage in learning, teaching and discussion and promote oneself. "It is a log of thoughts and writing posted publicly on the World Wide Web" (1). In simple words, blogs are "personal web pages written in chronological order and maintained through specific software that helps their administration" (2). "It facilitates people to communicate freely offering an easy way to add and share content with an interested audience becoming an important avenue for knowing, learning and sharing opinions" (3).

There are many uses for blog in different fields. In the field of academic, blog plays an important role in sharing of knowledge and ideas among peers. "Weblogs are the development of traditional learning logs for students and teachers, whether as a complement to traditional lectures or as an e-learning tool" (2). "Blogs are used to consolidate resources that may otherwise be shared through an excessive number of e-mails to advocate a position or personal points of view, to cover areas of interest too small for print publishing and for news and commentary or any topic or area that requires frequent updating. As users and uses of blogs have multiplied they have begun to take on different forms and shapes to meet a wide variety of needs" (4).

The study focus on analysing the type of blog related to LIS and analyze the content of the Library and Information Science (LIS) blogs to gain an understanding of the content categorization of the blogs into subject categories, to explore the subject trends being discussed within the broad subject categories and to identify the publication trends of the bloggers in formal channels of communication.

2. Review of Literature

"Blog provides emergence of new type of service paradigm due to the development of technology" (5). Song, (6) writes "academic blog is of great significance to promote academic exchange and knowledge sharing as a very important source of Internet academic resources". Mynard (7) pointed out that "blog could be one important tool for educator and teachers to help their student in learning". Wang (8) states that "the teachers can also share their teaching methods, learning from other peer's experience of teaching practice and enrich their teaching experience in the blog, and they can explore new approaches and strategies for curriculum reform with the promotion of their own professional development". Lawrence & Michelle (9) stressed about "blog as a new ways of communication which is available on the Internet".

The concept of a blog in LIS is to create an interactive platform to publicize the LIS education and research to the existing and prospective LIS professionals. At university level, "blog help to visualize the courses and their syllabi, to showcase the strength of the faculty, to disseminate the LIS research, and to create an online platform to interact with the department authorities" (10). Wilson (11) found that "blog help LIS professionals to navigate the LIS blogosphere". "It's a shift in paradigm from traditional to digital-based library and information services. So, in order to keep in touch with modern technologies, libraries have to adopt new technologies" (12).

Blog can play a useful role in Library users' community. "Library bloggers have much to say about the value of blogs" (13). "Blogs are among the first Web 2.0 tools that libraries have used to communicate with their users" (14). It is "a new online tool and is being effectively used by various libraries across the world to update users regarding library resources" (15). "Blogs can greatly enhance traditional library services by disseminating important news and events, communicating the value of particular resources and showcasing staff expertise" (16). Communication has always been important in every organization. In the library, "blog is mainly used as a supplement to regular website as well as referring tools. …

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