Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

A Citation Analysis of the E-Journal, Library Philosophy and Practice (2005-2014)

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

A Citation Analysis of the E-Journal, Library Philosophy and Practice (2005-2014)

Article excerpt

1. Introduction

As this study is carried out on the basis of objectives, there is no need of any tests or experiments and results will be derived on the basis of analysis and their interpretation of articles in the journal LPP for the period of 2005 to 2014. Data to the Journal LPP is given in tabular form and the graph. Periodicals are sensitive indicators of the emerging new ideas in any discipline. A careful evaluation of periodical literature may indicate a complete picture of the discipline. The present study has undertaken one of the renowned journal, Library Philosophy and Practice into consideration with an aim to analyze citations cited by various articles appeared in it. Citation analysis reveals interesting information about knowledge producers in terms their information cited and usage of various information sources. Citation analysis examines the frequency, patterns and graphs of citations in articles and books.

2. Purpose of the Study

Purpose of the study is to analyse chronologically year wise distribution of articles; to find out; to find out collaborative contribution of institutions and also study citation patterns prevailing in the journal's articles in the selected period 2005-2014.

3. Source Journal

Library philosophy and practice- An Open Access Journal, website- has been selected as the source journal for the present study. Library philosophy and practice (ISSN1522-0222), an international open access journal is accessible without any subscription charges and at zero cost. Contents are itemized in table form on the homepage and articles for each issue are in reach from there. Library Philosophy and Practice is indexed in Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISTA), DOAJ, Library and Information Science and SCOPUS. LPP articles are available at the websites of University of Nebraska-Lincoln, website-, the University of Idaho, website-, and the University of Nebraska- Digital Commons, website- The journal LPP comes into two volumes since 1998, in the sequence of fall and spring volumes till 2006. It is also journal's foundation year. Volume 1 and no 1 issue came out in fall 1998 and vol.2 no.2 came out in spring 1999. Since 2007, authorities of the journal started to bring out the journal in annual volume. Although articles are at reach the websites mention above, Library Philosophy and Practice is being published only at University of Nebraska--Lincoln Libraries' Digital Commons since July 1, 2012.

4. Objectives of the Study

1. To find out the chronologically year wise distribution of articles;

2. To understand year wise distribution of references;

3. To study the frequency of documentary citations;

4. To study the frequency of non-documentary citations.

5. Methodology

The data for the study was downloaded from websites of the respective e-journal: Library Philosophy and Practice - The total 1177 articles for the period of 2005-2014 from the journal Library Philosophy and Practice were downloaded and keep objectives in mind, each article was analysed manually for the collection of data and feed on excel spread sheet for further analysis and after that interpretation has been done.

6. Scope of the Study

The present study aims to evaluate and provide analysis of the scholarly publication trends of the journals Library Philosophy and Practice from year 2005-2014 with the application of citation analysis. The study is limited to the analysis according to objectives are set. 7 articles of the e-journal Library philosophy and Practice were not available for download at journal's archive. 14 articles didn't provide reference and in year 2011, 2 articles were uploaded 2 times in journal archive and in 2014, 1 article were uploaded 2 times also. …

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