Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Letter from the AICPA President

Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Letter from the AICPA President

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Business technology consulting is now a formal element in the CPA's extensive portfolio of services. With e-business blazing a path to the future, a newly created specialty accreditation will help CPAs claim an important piece of the action.

The new accreditation in information technology, approved in the fall by the AICPA'S governing council, announces to clients, prospects and employers that C]?As have what it takes to deliver technology-driven, integrated business solutions. As companies struggle to navigate the unfamiliar waters of technology, the new designation positions the CPA as a trusted resource.

The need for top-notch business technology advice is soaring as e-business's growth potential becomes enticingly apparent. This holiday season, for example, e-businesses logged an estimated $10 billion in revenue, up 300% from the same period a year earlier.

But these impressive numbers are just a hint of growth to come. During the holiday season, companies were actually holding back--quite literally locking down their systems to ride out potential Y2K dangers without incident. They shelved ready-to-go hardware upgrades, new software and other enhancements that promised to catapult e-commerce to new heights of utility and flexibility. Now that the Y2K hurdle is mostly behind us, however, companies are eager to turn the new technology loose in the marketplace and to launch systems with funds formerly earmarked for Y2K preparedness.

Where will they get the support they need to make the new technologies work? …

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