Academic journal article Science and Children

Making Connections

Academic journal article Science and Children

Making Connections

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1. Read this poem aloud, pausing between stanzas for added effect. Then show pictures of da Vinci and some of his drawings and inventions found online (see Internet Resources).

2. Share the poem again, and invite students to read the first line of each stanza (In Italy, long, long ago / He was... / who dreamed up... / In fact...) while you read the rest of the poem aloud.

3. Da Vinci was both an artist and a scientist. Talk about how drawing and inventing might go together.

4. Use the examples in this poem to talk with students about how information and critical thinking are used in scientific problem solving now versus how they might have been used in Leonardo's time (1500s). What kinds of inventions might students imagine for the future? For background information, go to the Leonardo da Vinci link of (see Internet Resources).

5. For a poem about inventing things in the future, look for "Invention Intentions" by Kristy Dempsey (see Internet Resources).


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