Discovery of Electromagnetic Anomalies at Two Reputedly Haunted Castles in Scandinavia

Article excerpt

The authors gratefully acknowledge support for this investigation by the Institut fur Crenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene, Freiburg i. Br., Germany. We also appreciate the cooperation of the owner of Dragsholm Castle, F mming Bottger, and of Countess Catharina Piper, Engso Castle. Typing and editorial assistant was provided by Mary West Barclay.

ABSTRACT: After interviews with witnesses by Nichols and Roll, Nichols spent three days each at Dragsholm Castle, Denmark, and Engso Castle, Sweden, making instrumental recordings at sites where the witnesses had experienced haunting-type phenomena. Control recordings were taken in other parts of the castles.

At Dragsholm, Nichols found an elevated electromagnetic field (EMF) in the Grey Lady's Room where Radin and Roll (1996) had previously found an EMF anomaly. The readings in the Knights Hall were unremarkable. In the Theater on the fourth floor, Nichols recorded a transient temperature decrease that coincided with a geomagnetic field (GMF) anomaly that exceeded 100 Milligauss, the maximum threshold of the meter. Prior to the anomaly, the GMF in the Theater averaged 2-5 Milligauss, the same as in other parts of the Castle. Immediately following this event, Nichols saw a brief movement in his left peripheral field. It appeared to be a person dressed in light colored flowing clothing. Aside from three maids who were in the kitchen/dining room area on the first floor, the Castle appeared to be empty of human occupants.

Nichols' apparitional sighting may have been an example of "magnetophosphenes." When the brain is exposed to magnetic fields of specific frequencies, a flickering or flash of white light in the peripheral vision may be experienced. …


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